Young athletes raise the bar

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October 2 – When not in their gyms, softball or soccer fields, chances are many young athletes in the area will be at the Reactiv Training Center.

Dumbbells, kettlebells, a basketball hoop and a batting cage are some of the features of the South Main Street facility, located in the same building as the future Palouse rink.

The Reactiv Training Center is the accomplishment of a goal shared by two local physiotherapists, owners Brenda Boyko and Kelly Isakson, to merge physical therapy with strength and conditioning training. It opened in July.

Boyko, Isakson, trainer Travis Seltenreich and physiotherapists work with all ages, but a large percentage of their clients are local athletes 18 and under, Isakson said. They train local teams from high schools and colleges, as well as individual training courses.

“The key is to start children at a younger age and work with a specialist professional to teach them how to move properly to maximize their performance and also minimize their risk of injury,” Isakson said.

Isakson said Reactive is also a medical facility with physiotherapy doctors on hand to oversee everything.

“This is what we do,” she said. “It’s our concert that takes care of people of all ages. We work closely with Travis to make sure classes are very age-appropriate.”

Boyko said the training is tailored to the stage of their body’s development in an effort to help them avoid injury, “Because we know that if they do this type of work, it will prevent injury.”

Seltenreich said the conditioning, strength training and therapy sessions that athletes undergo are intended to help them perform better on the court or in the gym.

“It’s kind of following the training and making it sport specific as much as possible,” he said.

Boyko and Isakson also run Moscow Mountain Sport and Physical Therapy. They said Reactiv’s 11,000 square foot facility allowed them to expand their operations to serve more people.

Seltenreich said he has heard positive feedback from school coaches and weightlifting teachers who have seen students improve their weightlifting skills and conditioning thanks to Reactiv.

“(The students) go into the school year and they get to their bodybuilding class and their teachers are like, ‘Whoa, cool, great, our job just got a lot easier.’ “

Kyla Kiblen, mother of Kaci and Kolbi Kiblen, said strength training has improved her daughters’ athletic performance as well as their lives. She also praised the inclusiveness of the program.

“We never had an opportunity for girls to do weight training,” she said. “So for them to open up this facility and be so dedicated to all the kids including the girls it’s just a great environment.”

Kaci, a ninth grade student at Moscow High School, plays softball and hockey. Her sister, Kolbi, is an eighth grade student at Moscow college who plays football and basketball.

Kaci said his workouts typically include exercises like laps, lunges, push-ups and squats. She wanted to try weight training so that she could improve her athletic performance.

“It’s the atmosphere that I like the most,” she said of Reactiv. “Travis, in particular – he always makes sure to have fun while we do it and makes sure we want to come back.”

Traiden Cummings, a ninth grade student at Moscow High School, uses the facility with his classmates. He said it made him stronger and more athletic.

“It’s also a good way to use your time,” he said.

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