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What’s new for the 22 diet? Take a look into the future | News, Sports, Jobs

By on December 30, 2021 0

It’s been a hectic year at Penn State, and with 2021 coming to an end, I figured we’d dust off the old blue and white crystal ball to get a glimpse of what might be in store for 2022:

Hmm … let’s see now:

• James Franklin hires a dozen offensive linemen from the transfer portal.

• Jacksonville media reports Bill O’Brien is a finalist for the Jaguars position. O’Brien at first refuses to comment, but can’t help himself by saying: “After Urban defied a place against us by leading 56-7 (in 2013), yes, I would love to replace SOB.”

• Dallas wins Super Bowl and Micah Parsons is voted MVP.

• Franklin’s name is also linked to work in Jacksonville, and despite signing a contract extension three months ago until 2031, he refuses to comment on his (last) agent‘s advice.

• Penn State wins the 2022 NCAA Wrestling Championship, the ninth for Cael Sanderson in 13 seasons as coach of the Nittany Lions.

• Franklin, addressing the reports on the work of the Jags, said, “I can’t swing it. My buyout is $ 12 million if I leave before April. Besides, it’s the house.

• Freshman Drew Allar throws for 400 yards in the blue-white game to land the save job behind Sean Clifford.

• Franklin visits offensive line coach Phil Trautwein at an Army short range clinic, where Trautwein is staying for the summer.

• Three more bowls, starting December 12, are added to the playoff schedule.

• Mike Yurcich admits he racked up huge stats at Oklahoma State because the Big 12 aren’t playing any defense.

• During an informal summer barbecue, Sandy Barbour blurted out that the expense of retaining and attracting coaches, the great disparity between the way schools approach the NIL and the revolving door of the transfer portal have transformed major college sports in an uncontrollable situation. State.

• Penn State opens the season with an 18-16 loss to Purdue in nine overtime after the Lions failed on seven 2-point conversions.

• Sean Clifford admits he’s in contact with the NCAA over the possibility of a seventh season.

• The Nittany Lions remain close to Michigan, but lose when Jake Pinegar fails to pass a fake field goal attempt by starter Rafael Checa.

• Brent Pry gives Virginia Tech a 10-0 start.

• At 7-5, once again, the Nittany Lions accept an offer for the Liberty Bowl, but not enough players want to go.

• The readers of this column wish a happy and healthy year 2023.

Neil Rudel covers Penn State football and can be contacted at [email protected]

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