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Wave of Ukrainian refugees peaks in Bulgaria, says head of refugee agency – EURACTIV.com

By on May 25, 2022 0

The number of Ukrainian refugees entering Bulgaria has reached its peak, the head of the Refugee Agency, Mariana Tosheva, told state television BNT in an interview on Monday.

In Bulgaria, most Ukrainian refugees stay in state-funded hotels in towns on the Black Sea coast, although many refugees have found shelter on their own.

However, in recent days many Ukrainians have returned to peaceful areas of Ukraine, sometimes with more Ukrainians leaving than entering Bulgaria. For example, on Tuesday May 24, 3,076 people left Bulgaria, while only 901 entered.

The head of the refugee agency said that a total of 297,000 Ukrainian citizens passed through Bulgaria and that 100,000 Ukrainians are still on Bulgarian territory.

“I think we’ve reached the peak of refugees,” Tosheva said, noting that Bulgaria could still be hit by a new wave of refugees, depending on how the war in Ukraine develops.

However, most Ukrainians in Bulgaria intend to stay and find work, according to government surveys.

The Bulgarian government will pay €20 per day for food and accommodation for Ukrainian refugees until May 31, after which they will only receive €7.50 per day.

However, 40% of Bulgarian hoteliers who have hosted refugees since the start of the war said they would continue to host, while many hoteliers said they were ready to hire Ukrainians on official employment contracts for the summer season. .

Meanwhile, 12,000 Ukrainians also announced that they would benefit from state-funded hotel accommodation on the Black Sea coast.

Some 30,000 refugees cannot stay and must be relocated. The Bulgarian government has provided accommodation in government buildings inside the country, and transportation will be arranged by the Ministry of Transport.