Warrior Thrower Ace Pens with Belmont University

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David riley

Jasper, Tennessee – The Marion County High School Core Program picked a player who appears destined to pursue his diamond dreams in college on Wednesday when Will Pryor signed off on his intention to attend Belmont University. With many friends, teammates, and fans on hand, Pryor signed the deal that will ultimately convert the Warrior into Bruin. That said, Pryor has indicated that it is certainly not the priority for the Senior as he has yet another season to play for Marion County.

Pryor’s parents, Chris and Christy Pryor are also on board with Will’s Choice though for different reasons. For Will, he said, “I really liked the coaches and the facilities, but I was even more excited about the rookies they have next year. I have a boyfriend that I have already determined, we will be there together and we will be roommates. Pryor went on to say, “I just think they’re building a really good young team with us.” For her part, mom admitted that the closeness makes her feel good. “It’s about an hour and a half,” she continued with a smile, “which is good because I’m having a hard time with this thing going to college.” Chris Pryor said: “Well it’s just an amazingly beautiful campus, but we really felt good about visiting there and the coaches seemed to be in sync with the system that Will is used to playing in.”

Will has no disillusionment, he always wants to accomplish something in high school. “We went pretty far last year, but I think with what we have this year we can make a serious push for the title,” prophesied Pryor. Pryor’s accolades for his pitching are relatively well known. The potential to throw a fastball at over 90 miles an hour is making noise at the high school level, but Pryor is no slouch with a bat in his hand either as he delivered a few basic shots of. clutch for the Warriors to help lift the team to go 8-4 for the bottom half of the season last season, missing the regional championship by one point and also losing their elimination game of the title chase. a point.

Obviously, baseball is just a way to graduate. Even when academics are approached, Pryor wasn’t going too far from sports and he plans to study sports management. So March will be here before anyone knows it and we’ll see if Pryor and the Warriors can carry a college state title with them.

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