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This young Kerala accesses a crowdfunding platform to pursue the journey of her dreams in sport

By on June 22, 2021 0

Aisha Nazia (26) is one of 30 applicants from as many countries chosen for the prestigious FIFA-approved graduate program in sport, FIFA Master

During the nearly three years that she worked for a major in the oil public sector, Aisha Nazia, a mechanical engineer, took several sabbaticals to escape the monotony of her job.

And each time, she took the breaks to partner up with running top sporting events like the Indian Super League (ISL), the FIFA Under-17 World Cup and the National Games. As she found out that this was her true calling, Ms. Nazia actually quit her job later.

Today, the 26-year-old is on the cusp of something really promising as one of 30 nominees from as many countries chosen for the prestigious postgraduate sports executive program, FIFA Master, endorsed by the governing body of world football, FIFA.

While a merit scholarship has cut course fees in half, it still has to raise an additional 28 lakh for which it has now reached a crowdfunding platform.

“I chose crowdfunding because I cannot take out another unsecured bank loan since I have already taken out a housing loan. I have so far raised 3.50 lakh, but mainly from friends and family, ”Ms. Nazia explains.

With the expiration of FIFA’s nondisclosure agreement, she now plans to kick off fundraising at full speed. The FIFA Master program comprises three modules taught at three universities in Europe – Humanities of Sport at De Montfort University, Leicester, England; Sport Management at the SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan, Italy; and sports law at the University of Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Elite clubs

It includes 80 field trips to elite clubs and headquarters of various sports such as football, Formula 1, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and much more. “This gives us visibility at the highest level of sports management with the possibility of being hired by some of them,” she said.

Football remains his first love, especially Indian football. “I want to work closely with the development of Indian football. Even if I end up with a foreign football club or a governing body, I still want to focus on potential matches that can help our football to develop,” said Ms. Nazia said.

Another area of ​​interest to him is the sustainable management of sport through the infusion of technology while reducing the carbon footprint. Being passionate about cars and racing, a potential job with Formula 1 also attracts her.

With her dream trip set to begin on September 16, the girl remains confident that she will raise enough money to keep her going.

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