The NFL team sponsored the ‘Sports Business Day’ event for Chatham students

By on November 11, 2022 0

CHATHAM, NJ — Several students from Chatham High School recently visited MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford as part of Sports Business Day to get a behind-the-scenes look at the sports industry.

The trip, which took place on October 19, was sponsored by the New York Jets, which have run the program for several years. Members of the Chatham High School Business Club spent the day at MetLife Stadium learning the ins and outs of NFL business.

The purpose of the trip, organized by the NFL team, was to learn about the inner workings of sports management directly from professional executives.

“Our hosts from the New York Jets organization were very friendly, very well received and gave us a great insight into what they do and how they got there,” said Pete Steinmetz, teacher at the Chatham High School Business and Business Club Advisor.

Upon arrival, the students joined two or three other schools to form their tour group. Each tour group rotated between various locations within the complex of facilities. There was a guest speaker from the Jets organization at each location.

“Students overwhelmingly said they enjoyed the whole event. They found the complex and the facilities inside impressive to explore both physically and functionally,” Steinmetz said.

According to the club, the majority of guest speakers were executives responsible for some aspect or division of the franchise or facility, or who held a specific role for the franchise or facility.

Speakers spoke to students about their own journey to the position, provided career advice and business insight, and discussed current events and trivia.

After the presentations, the lecturers opened the floor for questions and answers, which the students, officials said, found beneficial.

“I really enjoyed learning about the business side of a sport that I watch every week. The whole experience was amazing, from walking on the field to visiting the Jets locker room. It was a incredible opportunity to learn directly from experts in this field, and I’m so glad we were able to make the trip,” said Adi Sinha, Vice President of Business Club.

Each year, the Jets host the Sports Business Day event, which attracts a large number of area high schools.