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The Gunma company solves the problem that afflicts athletes in various sports

By on January 30, 2022 0

MAEBASHI–A lotion that uses a hornet cocoon extract helps solve a problem that has long plagued athletes striving for top-notch performance: painful broken nails.

In collaboration with the Gunma Industrial Technology Center, Art Co. in Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture, processed hornet silk, a substance left in beehives after hornets emerge from their cocoons, with fiber processing technology .

Hornet cocoons are made up primarily of a protein called keratin, a fibrous protein that promotes nail growth in the natural world.

Gunma Sports Management, which operates the Gunma Diamond Pegasus Baseball Club, signed a contract with Art for the exclusive use of the protective lotion for the team, which is a member of the Independent Professional Baseball Challenge League.

“I hope the lotion will be widely used in sports communities,” Hisao Ito, chairman of Art, said at a joint press conference held at the Gunma prefectural government office here in December. “I just want athletes to get good results with it.”

The lotion works best when applied to the cuticles and scrub gently. This helps prevent broken nails in situations like throwing a ball.

The lotion also uses other ingredients, such as chicken eggshell membrane, which improves the coating ability of the nails. The cosmetic version of the product does not include these ingredients, the company said.

The athlete-use lotion has been declared free of banned substances by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), allowing athletes to rest easily when using it.

The Exclusive Use Agreement rrepresented a first step in a “business partnership” program in which the baseball team links up with businesses in Gunma Prefecture to promote and raise the profile of local businesses through club performance and help revitalize local industries.

Locally produced products that are used by team members will also be sold on a website and a sales promotion campaign will be held on gambling sites, according to Gunma Sports Management.