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The bane of Nigerian sports management, according to Shaibu | The Guardian Nigeria News

By on February 14, 2022 0

Edo State Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu has described mismanagement as the bane of Nigerian sports.
Shaibu, who is in charge of Edo State’s drive to turn sports into big business, believes the country will get it right when the sports administration is fine.

Speaking in Lagos over the weekend, the deputy governor, who is a registered player of Benin’s Bendel Insurance Football Club, said poor management has hampered the growth of the sports sector, adding that things are not getting better. will only improve when technocrats join in building the sector. .

“I’ve been in government and I’ve seen that government can’t run sport successfully because of the bureaucracy in the system. There are so many fun things in the system that need extra discipline to fix,” said he declared.

Using Bendel Insurance to back up his point, Shaibu said: “When we came to power we found the club had over 300 staff, some of whom were going overseas. The club had money but the size of management ate up the money so the players owed several months of unpaid fees. The club did not have a team bus.

“We had to clean up the system by bringing in Ms Sabina Chikere to help us rename the club. The idea was to make insurance a model professional club with all the rules of professionalism.

“We have reduced the management of the club from over 300 to 15 and we don’t owe anyone any salary or compensation. We were also able to buy a bus for insurance with the proceeds from jersey sales.

Shaibu disclosed that Edo State is gradually taking Bendel Insurance and Edo Queens along with some other sports into the private sector and “our goal is to get Bendel Insurance into the capital market. What we are doing now is merchandising to increase our funds.

“Our budget this year is 250m naira, we already have 50m naira through the shirt sponsorship deal with Sterling Bank and so what is left is 200m naira.

“We are phasing out insurance funding from the government so that when we leave the club will continue to operate no matter who takes over from the government.”

He said Sterling Bank’s N50m deal with Bendel Insurance is a stepping stone towards the club’s target capital of N500m, adding that the partnership is much more than the stated amount as it also involves the sale of shirts through banking, promotions, advertising and many other derivable.

“The bank came to lead our privatization process. This season, Insurance will raise 250 million naira, while Edo Queens are expected to raise 50 million naira from Jersey sales.

“We are building camps which will house Insurance and Edo Queens with four pitches and a digital gymnasium. We are putting a lot of things in place to make sure clubs can run on their own.

Explaining the decision to disband the Edo State Sports Council and appoint new officials for a new commission, Shaibu said the move was taken as part of efforts to rebuild the area.

“We signed the bill for the sports commission in August last year and last week we appointed a council headed by Yusuf Alli. All members of the Commission are new; none of the former members of the late Council is not involved in the new dispensation.

“The idea is to start fresh and return to our position as the number one sporting state in Nigeria.

“We want to create an environment where we can discover grassroots talent, and that’s why we’ve returned to the Principals’ Cup, Headmasters’ Cup and other school sporting activities that we were known for during the Samuel Ogbemudia years.

“We have built 20 mini-stadiums across the zones, with grass pitches, while a few have synthetic turfs.”
He revealed that some of the new members of the associations are corporate giants, who come with many years of experience in the private sector.