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Student-athletes give advice on stress management – Loquitur

By on December 5, 2021 0

There are many aspects of life that go into being an athlete in college. Balancing class, practice and social life is no easy task. Somehow these athletes manage to do it year after year.

“To have a good group of friends around you who can take your mind off your head and push you to be the best of yourself,” Nick Booth, senior of the Cabrini men’s soccer team, said when asked. asked what is essential to reduce stress during the school year and sport. season. “This sense of community is vital for everyone’s success. “

Nick Booth. Photo taken from Cabrini Athletics

“They do so much for me not only on the field but also off and have become my best friends at this school,” said Booth.

Booth also has a lot to say about what helps him reduce stress at school.

“I’ve learned that I have to do my job before my classes or my games because I know I’m not going to want to do it after. I’ve also learned to balance work, school and athletics and I think it’s a really valuable skill to have in the real world, ”said Booth.

“As it was my first real season, I decided to reduce my class load a bit. I didn’t know exactly what to expect so I wanted to make sure I was overworked while trying to adjust to my first season of college football, ”said Nick LoBiondo, second year football player. year.

Obviously there is a difficult balance between what to focus on during the school year when mixed with athletics. That’s not to say that these athletes don’t take that extra time before their matches and before their training to complete these tasks.

Nick LoBiondo

Nick LoBiondo. Photo taken from Cabrini Athletics

“It’s always best to leave your homework out of the way when you’re not doing anything because you never know when a movie shoot or a last minute lift might come up and you’re wasting time when you thought you had to do homework.” . Time management is so crucial for athletes and regular students, ”LoBiondo said.

It is very obvious that their schedules are very random and constantly changing. Athletes have also come to learn to adapt to the amount of work that comes with progress from year to year.

“The only thing I do differently is my class time. During the season I make sure all of my classes are early classes so I don’t miss a practice, ”said Booth.

“Obviously, whatever it is in college, you’re busy for the most part,” LoBiondo said.

“I’ve never had a real offseason yet, but I would say this year is definitely more stressful than last year,” LoBiondo added.

As an athlete, not only do you have to perform at your best physically, but you also have to maintain a certain grade point average in order to compete.

Booth said he would tell incoming athletes to try not to get stressed out when juggling academics and being part of a sports team. in yourself and the people around you everything will turn out in an incredible way.