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SI Yankees’ free agent signing prediction is totally irrelevant

By on December 20, 2021 0

Regarding the New York Yankees and the prediction of free agent activity this offseason, so far Each the prediction was incorrect.

But some are more wrong than others, and the Sports Illustrated’s latest set of predictions as their top 25 revised free agents leave something to be desired.

As you might expect, at this point most of the major unsigned names aren’t related to the Yanks at all – and hey, we’ll predict the same!

Those rankings have Carlos Correa going to the Tigers despite the presence of Javier Baez, something they haven’t shied away from since their initial predictions were released. They have Trevor Story at the Astros, a deviation from their initial prediction of the “Rangers,” who are basically the only team we can confidently say is. not go to.

The rankings only serve to further disturb Yankees fans from there. Carlos Rodón in Boston, Freddie Freeman back in Atlanta, Kyle Schwarber at the Dodgers…

When you finally To do arrive at the Yankees, the SI panel gives them a pair of signatures. One of them is eagerly awaited: Anthony Rizzo, welcome back to the stripes.

The other? On paper, that doesn’t make sense. With the nuance taken into account, it is somewhere below no Sens? The amount of meaning that “Zack Greinke to the Yankees” gives is buried underground.

Sorry, Zack Greinke and the New York Yankees? No.

It doesn’t take much to dispel this crisis, but we’re going to pause and do it.

First, before examining the mythology, the 38-year-old Greinke was no longer himself last year, unable to eat innings as the season dragged on, and posting a 4.16 ERA. in 171 innings in total (120 strikeouts) before becoming completely unstoppable. in October. There isn’t exactly a reliable source of above average innings at this point.

Now for the more complex things. Greinke has long struggled with an anxiety disorder and was never referred to New York City because of it. Why now? Why would he Choose end his career here? It seems more likely that he would simply choose to end it entirely.

Just two years ago, the Bleacher Creatures greeted her ALCS debut with a song “DONALD!” singing to make fun of his first name, then got meaner as the alcohol flowed more freely. In terms of culture shock, there is arguably no worse in the game.

Oh, and according to Bob Nightengale he would have rather sign with a National League team this offseason anyway, for some reason.

The veteran has never been one to hold a locker room court and has given no indication that he intends to feed New York media the juicy nuggets they feed on. He’s more likely to become an immediate outcast rather than a playoff hero, especially given the vapor he lost in his final full season. It’s also not something that he seems to want to try. all.

But, other than that, perfect choice, SI.