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HERBURN – Sherburn City Council met on Monday and approved the appointment of Bolton and Menk as agents for the transport bill money to improve Osborne Street. Since Sherburn is not a town of 5,000, it needs another officer to manage the funds provided by the transportation bill. The council also approved obtaining two properties due to unpaid tax arrears and plans to demolish the houses to prepare the ground for development.

The council has accepted a $ 3,000 donation from Compeer Financial for the fire department air packs as part of a grant and the city will end up paying the remainder of the $ 3,500 it costs in the part of the Capitol improvement budget.

In other news, council heard a presentation of an easement application for half of the triangular piece needed near Temperance Lake Road for the new substation slated to be built by REA. Jeremy Smith of JCG Land Services explained the 25 foot easement east and north of the road. His company manages the demands and the policy for ITT Midwest who will own the transmission line that will run from the east / west line to the new station. They would take care of repair agreements if necessary when the project is finished. There will be several posts about 175 to 200 feet apart on the triangle which is less than an acre. The council approved the easement and the documents were signed on

meeting with a payment to the city.

The meeting continued with the report of the Director. Brad Hughes has indicated that the auditor, Eide Bailley, will charge almost double next year and that he has solicited offers from other audit firms. He will report to the next meeting.

Hughes also reported that candidates for the post of deputy city clerk have a choice of five or six people. The whole board will talk to the two best candidates. He also reported on the estimated cost of building townhouses on properties where the houses will be demolished. The council agreed that they would rather sell the townhouses rather than have the city own and rent them. Hughes will also get estimates for speculative housing. An estimate he found was $ 200,000 per unit.

In other news, council members mentioned doing something for the fire department since it is fire prevention month. No action was taken. Firefighters struggled to open standpipes as part of their training. There were about 30 standpipes that the city team had to open and oil to make them usable. Some had rusted and had been painted and not cracked so they could open. Council member Ringnell suggested a plan that would empty standpipes at least once a year and oil them all. Rinsing requires a lot of water and therefore cannot all be rinsed at the same time. Hughes will develop a plan with the town team to flush, check and oil all of the town’s standpipes a few at a time to keep them in working order in the event of a fire in the neighborhood.

The next Sherburn City Council meeting is scheduled for October 18 at 5 p.m. at Town Hall.

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