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Search for Jaguars head coaches: Retention of general manager Trent Baalke will hamper team’s ability to attract top candidates

By on January 2, 2022 0

The Jaguars surprised many in the NFL orbit when they chose to retain general manager Trent Baalke for their search for a head coach, the controversial move already deactivating many of the top candidates and creating backlash within of their fan base.

In the wake of the bet to hire Urban Meyer a year ago, then to have to fire him less than a year after the start of his mandate, this decision to keep Baalke in a position of power to begin this latest research was considered. by industry as a problem. To say the least. Baalke’s reputation in coaching circles is not strong, he is seen as a political animal who is often locked into power struggles, and his personal record in recent years has been uneven.

“My client would have to fire me for an interview there in this setup,” said one of the top coaching agents. “No way. It’s totally upside down.”

Several sources close to the Jaguars’ nominees said their clients would agree to a virtual interview with the Jags next week, but would use the forum to try to gather information on why owner Shad Khan chose to conduct his research with the managing director still in post. place and to determine to what extent the property relates to this concept. Several executives from other NFL teams, who are closely monitoring the situation in Jacksonville, believe that at the end of the process the Khans will also be on the lookout for a general manager due to the backlash from fans of the. team and considering the type of feedback they will receive. move to Baalke as they pass the interviews.

“It might have seemed like a good idea to them at the time, but things tend to change in this league,” said a general manager. “I’m not saying they can’t have a coach with Trent still there, but they’re not going to like a lot of what they hear.”

The Jaguars started their process last week chatting with former NFL head coaches Doug Pederson and Jim Caldwell and have a long list of current NFL assistant coaches they would like to start meeting virtually this week under of the new NFL hiring rules. Many of these people have reservations about the ability to really thrive at Jacksonville – a team that has lost 10 or more games every year since Khan took over, with the exception of one AFC championship game. – especially if Baalke, who already has a relationship with the property, continues to oversee player acquisitions.

Baalke also recently pushed Alabama offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien to become a possible candidate. O’Brien received appellant accolades under Nick Saban and has previous experience as a head coach in Houston. However, the bitter end of his time there and his history of power struggles and personality clashes are unlikely to do much to stem the tide of public opinion in Jacksonville against the early stages of this process. hiring.

The presence of 2021’s top overall pick Trevor Lawrence is certainly appealing, but the Jaguars’ latest coaching search has already got off to an unusual start and is causing controversy within the sport.