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School board approves changes to athlete eligibility and air conditioning | Education

By on May 25, 2021 0

St. Joseph athletes transferred to the district are now immediately eligible to participate at the university level.

The change was approved at Monday’s meeting of the St. Joseph School Board, which also authorized another phase of a project to install air conditioning in all facilities in the district.

This voted 6-1, with Ken Reeder voting against. The athletes‘ vote was adopted unanimously.

Using federal funds intended to improve air quality, the neighborhood will contract with Schneider Electric to install air conditioning in the rest of the buildings that are currently in short supply.

Tami Pasley, chairman of the board, said the district was 15 to 20 years behind other districts, which have air conditioning in all buildings. Currently, some St. Joseph students are taking A / C classes, while others are not.

The board had previously authorized Schneider Electric to carry out the “first phase” of an air conditioning plan meeting the most urgent needs of buildings. Monday’s meeting authorized phase two, with phase three also possible.

Reeder said in his opposition that the district should use federal funds for teachers, although district staff said the federal government had not authorized the funds for this purpose.

The board approved a policy change to ban all vaping on all school grounds. State law requires districts to ban smoking and vaping in school buildings, but not necessarily on school property.

A clinic in Carden Park Elementary has seen its funding expanded, meaning teachers, their families, school board members and students will continue to have access.

A new program was authorized on Monday, including classes that study journalism and a business school program designed to teach students how to repair heavy machinery. A conservation program has also been created.

School officials will not be able to lock students in a confined space under a new policy, “except in an emergency situation pending law enforcement.”

If a student is found to be “responsible” for sexual harassment, the student will now face suspension from school between 10 and 180 days.

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