Response from Roger Federer Alexander Zverev, allegations of domestic violence

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Roger Federer has been criticized for his responses to questions about the domestic violence allegations addressed to his compatriot Alexander Zverev.

Zverev’s ex-girlfriend Olya Sharypova alleged last year that the world No.7 was abusive of him – accusations Germany has firmly denied, calling them “unfounded” and ” quite simply false ”.

Earlier this year, Zverev parted ways with Team8 – the sports management company Federer co-founded with longtime agent Tony Godsick. The 23-year-old said at the time that he was leaving Federer’s team so that he could ‘go back to basics’ and have his family play an increased role in his career.

Journalist Ben Rothenberg asked Federer ahead of his first-round match in Geneva last week if the split had anything to do with the allegations against Zverev, and Federer was keen to avoid his rival’s personal affairs.

He said he “didn’t get involved in those kinds of decisions,” claimed it was “in the past now” and didn’t want to comment on another player’s “super private stuff”. Federer added that he didn’t feel comfortable bringing up the topic and was unwilling to “bring it up.”

Tennis presenter Catherine Whitaker was “extremely disappointed” when she read Federer’s responses, wondering why he hadn’t at least said domestic violence was heinous.

“My heart really sank,” said Whitaker The tennis podcast. “I didn’t expect him to say anything that would really defend a point of view on all of this, but I expected him to have prepared a better response than that.

“To just awkwardly say, ‘I’m not comfortable talking about this’ – listen, neither of us are comfortable talking about this, we would much rather talk about something more joyful. It doesn’t make us comfortable. Some things in life are uncomfortable.

“The fact that he didn’t say, ‘Domestic violence is bad and horrible’ – I mean, that’s the least controversial thing you can say.

“He’s always someone who’s tiptoe around controversy. It is not controversial to say, “I condemn domestic violence”. It’s so basic and so few people say it when asked about it, and it’s distressing.

Tennis analyst Matt Roberts said he was “shocked” by how Federer appeared to have been taken aback by questions about Zverev, considering it was the first time reporters had the opportunity to ask him questions. questions about it.

Commentator and The tennis podcast Co-host David Law agreed, saying he expected more from the 20-time Grand Slam champion.

“He (Federer) could have said that (domestic violence is terrible) while acknowledging, in the same response, what Alexander Zverev always said, that he denies the allegations,” Law said. “He could still have said… that he condemns any form of domestic violence or abuse.

“I suspect he would say, ‘It goes without saying, of course I condemn him’ and I’m sure he does, of course, that’s how he feels.

“But there is value in saying this and the biggest surprise to me is… he looked like he was surprised by the questions and I’m trying to figure out why, because he wasn’t asked if before that. .

“It has been a long time since these allegations were first raised and he really should have understood very clearly: ‘If I am asked, this is what I am going to say.’

“I wonder if he thought maybe so much time had passed, no one would bother to ask me now and put it on his mind.”

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