Reservation center sparks debate in CDN / NDG | City News

By on December 29, 2021 0

The trend towards centralization of services, especially water services and the reservation of local sports facilities was discussed at the CDN / NDG board this month. “We are a very unique borough in terms of the size and diversity of our residents, and we need a more specialized approach to CDN,” said Snowdon councilor Sonny Moroz. “We are a borough in the city but with more inhabitants than the city of Sherbrooke. What does this mean for our borough in the long term? Will we have more centralization and will we have the capacity of our services to continue to provide diversified services to our citizens? “

He cited the Mandela Park baseball field which he said is often used by teams from LaSalle, Outremont and Ville Marie playing in Snowdon, “but we never see the residents of Snowdon reserving this field. I know it has to do with the central reservation process and the use of our land by the city center. Is it a continuation of it and what facilities are centralized in E-booking by the city in the same way as baseball diamonds? “

The director of the borough, Stéphane Plante, says that there is a lot to discuss on the issue of centralization and that it may be desirable to leave certain responsibilities to the borough, “but especially when we talk about water drinking water which is important to deliver, ”adds the Borough’s role is rather to assist the city’s water service,“ and I can tell you that the collaboration with the Water Department is excellent.

The director of culture, sports, recreation and social development of the borough, Sonia Gaudreault, explained that following the municipal mergers, the City retained the current method of leasing sports fields, managed by a single service for all boroughs. “This way of doing things is very beneficial because if the boroughs did it on their own, we would not have the resources to operate a single reservation process. She said it made sense for the service to remain under the city’s sports management division. But whoever is reserving the courts, she said, “it is important to remember that it is our teams who set the parameters for the reservation system for booking the courts according to the directions of our groups. local “.