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Redevelopment Agency Plans Information Streamlining Policies | News, Sports, Jobs

By on August 26, 2022 0

Image provided, Town of Ogden

A pie chart shown at Ogden City Council’s business session on Tuesday August 23, 2022, detailing how developer selection was made on 51 major projects over a 12-year period.

OGDEN — Adopting a clear and organized process for selecting developers was the main topic of discussion at Ogden City Council’s business session on Tuesday.

Members of the city council, who are also members of the RDA’s board of directors, chose to move forward with a final draft of a developer selection policy.

City Council executive director Janene Ellet-Smith said she was working on a finalized version of the policy, which she hopes to have ready by the end of September for review with RDA administrative staff and the prosecutor. from the city. She said that if both parties agree with the proposed project, it will be adopted by resolution.

Brandon Cooper, director of the Ogden City Redevelopment Agency, believes that implementing the changes surrounding the notice of interest policy will help them solve one of their biggest problems – the lines of communication between RDA staff, board members and the community.

“It’s so dynamic in nature,” Cooper said.

Image provided, Town of Ogden

Of the 51 major projects in Ogden over the past 12 years, 22 properties were owned by RDA. A graph showing how the 22 RDA projects were solicited was presented to Ogden City Council on Tuesday August 23, 2022.

A formal adoption of the agency’s mission and goals are among several proposed changes, according to Cooper, the agency cannot easily commit to given the coordination needed to bring them to fruition.

There are only three city employees operating the Ogden RDA, while the Salt Lake City RDA has 17 full-time employees.

“It’s usually not the implementation, but the communication side that we struggle with,” Cooper said.

The agency’s lack of published procedures for identifying, verifying and selecting projects would have left residents to speculate about the agency’s selection process.

There appears to be an unfounded perception in the community that the RDA does not have a formal, organized process for selecting projects or developers, Cooper said, but rather makes selections in a politically motivated, arbitrary or random manner.

The goal of the RDA, as presented by Cooper, is to contribute to the responsible growth of Ogden by improving the quality of life in all neighborhoods through a wide range of housing, employment and job creation opportunities. wealth.

Although the stated purpose of the agency’s mission and objectives is known internally, it is not publicly available.

“A lot of policies and documents need to be revised to make things more efficient and streamlined,” Cooper said.


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