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Recruit athletes without offering scholarships – Loquitur

By on November 29, 2021 0

Cabrini’s Lacrosse and Basketball Trophy Case at Dixon Center.
Photo: Chris Schaller

Cabrini Swimming and Golf Trophy Box at Dixon Center.
Photo: Chris Schaller

The liberal arts school, competing with the AEC, a D-III conference, has a different approach to recruiting.

Cabrini University, a D-III school, cannot use scholarships when recruiting athletes.

“Once the players come to our campus after screening them in high school and they match their height criteria, I think that school’s athletic reputation is the biggest deciding factor,” said Rob Dallas, coach of men’s football.

Cabrini University’s reputation for having a strong and well-run sports program attracts recruits in a more local way. All Cabrini scholarships are based on academic merit, but considerable financial assistance is offered to athletic recruits. Additionally, 34 percent of DI and D-II athletes in the NCAA receive scholarships through an academic institution, while D-III schools are prohibited by rules from offering scholarships. to recruits.

While not being eligible to provide a scholarship, Cabrini may influence rookies with FAFSA with the sports department’s resume. The scholarships currently offered by the university are: Community Super Hero Scholarship, Alice Lawson Scholarship, AAUW Scholarship, and STEM Scholarship. None of them fall under the athletics category, so the Sports Department and Financial Aid Department, located at Grace Hall, are working hand in hand to encourage as many athletes as possible to attend the University of Cabrini.

Cabrini Financial Aid Office located at Grace Hall.
Photo: Chris Schaller

There is also the transfer portal where students of other college athletes can leave their school and play at another school, in this case Cabrini.

“I was playing club lacrosse at the University of Miami, Ohio, so I didn’t have to enter the portal,” said Daniel Thames, second-year red midfielder. “I just joined the Cabrini lacrosse team, which overall went smoothly.”

It doesn’t matter if a player has played for another school or comes from another school to walk, he is always transferred to play a sport. Similar to the Grandes D-1 and D-2 schools, Cabrini’s transfer portal grants an additional year of eligibility to an incoming athlete.

The 2020-2021 college sports seasons have changed the university’s recruitment process. Cabrini was unable to send Scouts to high schools and was unable to attend the university in person. This came back during the 2021-2022 college sporting seasons.

“Coach Kate was the main thing that drove me to come and play college baskets for Cabrini, we kept in touch by phone as things were limited due to COVID,” said Courtney Paulson, basketball player -ball first year before.

Cabrini can now organize in-person college tours and campus tours whereas last year tours were limited to a virtual experience.

All Cabrini scholarships are based on academic merit, but considerable financial assistance is offered to athletic recruits. Small universities should remove the word “scholarship” from any recruiting strategy. There is no legal framework put in place by the NCAA that states that D-III schools cannot offer FAFSA to certain players to persuade them to play for their college.

For a university of around 1,500 students that does not have the luxury of offering athletic scholarships, it still brought in some reputable recruits to compete under its name. Cabrini has proven to have a successful and winning athletic program with what they are currently receiving.