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Ravens’ Lamar Jackson negotiates his own successful agentless deal

By on June 22, 2021 0
Illustration from article titled Lamar Jackson Negotiates Agreement By Himself And No One Knows What To Do With It

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Money management is something we all deal with. But when it comes to athletes, the stakes are even higher because their salaries are just as accessible as their statistics. And with Lamar Jackson getting closer to a contract extension that will net him hundreds of millions of dollars, many are curious about how this will work out for Jackson without an agent.

Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson and Dak Prescott have all signed extensions that earn them between $ 35 million and $ 45 million a year. And with Jackson being the franchise’s next young quarterback for a big paycheck, his deal is expected to be on the same order.

However, will Jackson save millions by not having to give an agent a share of his money? Or will it end up costing him more money down the line because he might mess something up?

No one really knows.

This move is not strange for Jackson, given that the 24-year-old did not have an agent when he signed his rookie contract in 2018, as his mother was his pseudo-agent.

“I know that coming in as a newbie the agents don’t really negotiate anything. ” Jackson told NFL combine. “You know you’re going to get the paycheck you’re going to get, and I decided I didn’t need him.” Either way, he’s going to take a big chunk of my paycheck, and I think I deserve it right now. ”

In 2007, Alex Rodriguez went to the Yankees and finalized his 10-year $ 275 million contract without his agent, Scott Boras. Several years later, A-Rod and Boras have split up. And in 2005, LeBron James fired the Goodwin brothers, leaving Maverick Carter and Randy Mims to handle things before Rich Paul officially takes over.

“Before, you had to be a lawyer or have a lawyer. You don’t have to be a lawyer to do anything ”, Paul said to New Yorker in a recent interview.

“Well, let me tell you something. I didn’t learn anything at CAA, ”Paul said of the Creative Artists Agency, where he worked before setting up his own agency, Klutch Sports Group, in 2012.“ Nothing. I did not learn anything. Because there was no investment in me to learn anything. There was no plan. I used my personal skills that I grew up with for these opportunities.

In 2019, Klutch created an NFL division. By the time the 2020 NFL Draft, the agency has recruited seven players, including the second and third overall picks. And earlier this year, Klutch appointed Nicole Lynn president of football operations. In 2019, Lynn became the first black woman to represent a first round pick in the NFL Draft.

In 1996, Rod Tidwell showed us the importance of not just having an agent, but having one who believes in you.

In 2021, this is still the case. However, this time around, some athletes take it upon themselves to be their own representatives if they don’t want to pay a Jerry Maguire or a Bob Sugar for their services.

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