Racing chief and privacy advocate Max Mosley dies at 81

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Former International Automobile Federation president Max Mosley helped to emerge from the shadows of his infamous fascist British parents, but was embroiled in a subsequent court battle over a secretly taped sex video. It was. He was 81 years old.

His death has been confirmed by his family and he said in a statement that he passed away after a “long battle with cancer”.

Mr Mosley was President of the FIA ​​from 1993 to 2009. During his tenure he advocated sports safety reforms, which often suffer from safety concerns.

The deaths of two pilots at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix shortly after he became President of the FIA ​​made the effort urgent and, in 1996, a successful campaign to strengthen crash-test standards in the ‘European Union. Did.

The FIA, or the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, said in a statement Monday that Mr Mosley’s work as president “has left an indelible mark on the world of motorsport and mobility”.

Jean Todt, who took over Mosley as chairman of the motor racing governing body, said in a statement that his predecessor was “a key figure in Formula 1 and motorsport” and as chairman of the ‘organization, Mosley said. I made a strong contribution. “It’s about improving safety on trucks and roads. “

Mosley was born in London on April 13, 1940 to Oswald Mosley, a British politician who founded the British Union of Fascists, and Diana Mitford, a socialite friend of Adolf Hitler. The couple were jailed during World War II for their wedding guest Hitler and Nazi Germany.

When Mr. Mosley was introduced to motor racing he discovered a “whole new world”. He wrote in his 2015 autobiography, Formula One and Beyond.

“It was the first time that I was interested in myself, not my family,” he writes. “If I could do something in motor racing, my predecessor probably wouldn’t be there.”

Mr Mosley raced easily, but after realizing he lacked the talent to be the top competitor, he became a race car builder and team owner before moving into sports management and racing. Politics.

“I’ve tried to live my life without getting too attached to my parents,” Mosley told The New York Times in 2015.

As a child, Mr. Mosley was surrounded by wealth and celebrities, including the Duke of Windsor and the Duchess. However, he became friends with Bernie Ecclestone, the son of a fisherman who will be the CEO of Formula One Group, and the two have sought to improve the sport of motor racing.

“We come from different types of education, but we were doing really well,” Ecclestone said in an interview on Monday. He spoke of Mr Mosley’s defense of vehicle safety, adding that “he wanted to ensure that the general public had a well-made, non-dangerous and fragile car”.

However, Mosley’s legacy as a reformer in the racing world was implicated in 2008 when the now-abolished British tabloid News of the World described Mosley as a “corrupt Nazi.” I cast a shadow when I posted the video I made online. Sadomasochistic orgy. “

A video later taken from the internet showed him counting in German and yelling in English with German accents. He allowed her to attend the session, but denied that the role-playing was Nazi-themed.

A UK court ruled in July 2008 that News of the World breached Mr Mosley’s privacy and inflicted damages on him worth approximately $ 120,000. The judge concluded that there was “no evidence” that the rally “established or adopted Nazi action.”

Mosley said the video was “totally devastating” for his wife Jean and two sons Alexander and Patrick at the time, as the decision was also devastating for the News of the World. I did. “It shows that their Nazi lies were not fully fabricated and justified,” he said.

Mosley died before his son Alexander, who died in 2009. Information on the survivors was not immediately available.

In 2013, the Tribunal de Grande de Paris upheld Mosley’s request to order Google to remove photos and videos of episodes that continued to circulate on the Internet from search results.

Ecclestone spoke of the scandal and said he regretted not helping Mosley when he “had blood problems”.

“Max was a very real and outspoken man,” Ecclestone said. “He was so solid.

Ian Parkes contributed to the report.

Racing chief and privacy advocate Max Mosley dies at 81

Racing chief and privacy advocate Max Mosley dies at 81

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