Pravin returns to his roots, a “hectic” life | Jaipur News

By on December 20, 2021 0

While lack of livelihood forced Pawan Kumar Joshi to move to Mumbai from native Ramgarh Shekhawati, his son Pravin sought opportunities to return to his ancestral land. He was born and raised in Solapur in Maharashtra, but it was Rajasthan that gave Pravin a sense of his homeland.
“We had most of our relatives in Rajasthan. I would never miss an extended family wedding to come here. Before a few days of each visit to my village, I was developing a restless desire, ”explains Pravin explaining why he moved to Jaipur in 2004 despite setting up his first event management institute in Mumbai a year before.
The tourist town then stood out as a wedding destination. But the event industry was limited to two or three players. Service providers were still in short supply. Pravin saw not only a future for his institute in the city, but also the end of his diasporic alienation.
“In fact, I thought that if weddings were to be a new attraction, the same infrastructure could be mobilized for other events. In that case, I thought, the talents coming out of my institute would also find opportunities in other sectors. In fact, that’s how it happened, ”recalls Pravin.
As the hospitality industry began to develop a few years later, corporate events, conferences and exhibitions followed one another. Today, Praveen claims that 80% of its alumni are entrepreneurs who market, organize and execute events of all kinds.
After establishing a Nest Academy of Event Management and Development (NAEMD) center in Jaipur, it opened two in Ahmedabad and Delhi. From degree courses, it started offering a BBA and an MBA in event management certified by the Central University. In 2017, he went abroad with an institute in Dubai.
“Rajasthan has always had hotels and havelis to attract events. But few knew the potential in the absence of service providers and entrepreneurs capable of bringing them to market. In this way, the students leaving our institutes played a role in the real expansion of this market ”, explains Pravin.
Pravin is now planning to introduce sports management in Jaipur. He is aware that the new mega cricket stadium under construction will open up many opportunities.
“After IPL, kabaddi and others, sports management appears as a new opportunity. The ecosystem of the events industry can perfectly complement any sporting activity. But we want to create specialized entrepreneurs, ”explains Pravin.
Industry estimates suggest that weddings, corporate events, exhibitions and conferences today represent a market of over Rs 5,000 crore in Rajasthan. Recently, it has become a new destination for web series shoots. “The attractions of the tourist town always add to the events,” explains Joshi.