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POA Complements Online Athlete and Official Accreditation – Journal

By on May 29, 2021 0

LAHORE: The Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) has completed online accreditation for athletes and coaches / officials in track and field, horseback riding, shooting, badminton, judo, gymnastics, karate, taekwondo, d ‘weightlifting and wrestling, being the probable who can obtain the qualification / invitation Venue of the tripartite Olympic Games commission for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

In a statement, POA secretary Khalid Mahmood said the wrestling and taekwondo qualifying round was over but no Pakistani could make their way to the Olympics despite performing well.

Still, he added, the qualifying rounds for judo, gymnastics, karate and badminton must take place and in case any of them qualify, they have already been accredited. Pakistan has so far qualified only in athletics, equestrianism and shooting.

But the qualifying round for badminton, judo, gymnastics, karate has yet to take place, while no Pakistani has been able to qualify for taekwondo and wrestling, which all qualifying rounds had. finished.

In addition, the secretary said that the POA, in consultation with the Pakistan Swimming Federation, also asked FINA

Universality Place in swimming for one man and one woman each for Pakistan and awaiting a FINA announcement by July 1.

In addition, he added, the POA also completed and submitted the accreditation of Dr Fehmida Mirza as a dignitary of Pakistan as the minister responsible for sports to the organizing committee on May 21.

Beyond doubts about hosting the Tokyo Olympics in July-August this year due to the Covid-19 threat, Khalid said the IOC and the Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee are making every effort so that these Games are organized in a safe and secure environment during these difficult times of pandemic all over the world.

As a result, Khalid said some instructions on Covid-19 countermeasures for participants from all NOCs, including media and dignitaries, before traveling to Japan had already been given. NOC Pakistan promptly forwarded these instructions to all affected neighborhoods for information and compliance.

As confirmed by the respective national sports federations and individuals concerned, a maximum number of participants from the Pakistani contingent had already been vaccinated while some were in the process of receiving a second dose which will hopefully be completed by the next month. mid-June.

Games organizers said on Friday that Olympic delegations from India, Pakistan and four South Asian neighbors would be vaccinated as concerns grew over the risks of the spread of coronavirus variants at the event.

“This decision affects delegations from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Nepal,” Tokyo 2020 and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said. “The six countries are all subject to Japan’s highest border restrictions, in part due to concern over the so-called Indian variant of the virus.”

Posted in Dawn on May 29, 2021

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