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Nebeus is looking for funding via the crowdfunding platform Seedrs

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Barcelona, ​​Spain, November 10, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Nebeus, the London & Barcelona– a fintech start-up that connects crypto with money with instant loans, launches a crowdfunding campaign of convertible loans on Seed drills November 10.

With this campaign, Nebeus wants to raise funds to fuel its growth and launch new products and services, such as the brand new Nebeus Mastercard, scheduled for the first quarter of 2021. Nebeus will launch its Mastercard via a partnership with the API banking platform open RailsBank.

To support its ambitious projects, Nebeus is applying for an electronic money establishment license in the UK before the end of 2020. One of the UK’s leading consulting and compliance firms, Compliancy Services, has partnered with Nebeus to support them in their application process. In 2021, Nebeus further plans to apply for an additional EMI license in Spain to comply with EU rules and regulations after Brexit.

According to Michael Stroev, COO of Nebeus: “We have huge plans for 2021, and our crowdfunding campaign is a unique opportunity for potential investors. Investors will benefit from investing in our stocks by seeing their investments grow at as Nebeus grows. “

Investors who invest in this crowdfunding campaign will benefit from a 20% discount plus 8% interest on the future Series A investment round of Nebeus, scheduled for 2021. The principal amount of each investment, plus 8% interest, will be converted into equity shares at a 20% reduction in the price of Nebeus shares during the Series A round. In addition, Nebeus will also grant its crowdfunding investors exclusive benefits, depending on the size of their investment.

Media contact:
V3rtice Communication

Marc Figuerola Delgado
+ 34 682032 121
[email protected]

Victor goded
+34 676 218 859
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