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MU community should include student-athletes – Marquette Wire

By on December 7, 2021 0

While student-athletes are often known around the Marquette University campus to play on the court or on the court, they are always students first. The Marquette community must work to change the culture of the campus and create a more inclusive environment for student-athletes in the student body.

The culture of sport often requires athletes to spend a lot of time with their teammates, whether it is to live together, eat together or spend time together outside of training and games.

While spending the majority of the time together can improve team chemistry, students, faculty, and staff should work to ensure that student-athletes feel they can be a part of the Marquette community beyond the sport.

Many student-athletes are often lauded and lauded by the rest of the student body. While these interactions are positive, they can create a wedge between student-athletes and students.

Students can work to break down barriers with student-athletes by making an effort to speak to them in classrooms and on campus, as well as by inviting them to participate or join student organizations. Students can also attend awareness events organized around Marquette.

The Marquette men’s basketball team has always hosted several lunches this semester for students who have subscriptions to the Marquette men’s basketball team. The Marquette men’s basketball team also guest season ticket holders to attend pre-season training at Forum Fiserv in October.

While hosting these types of events helps bridge the gap between student-athletes and student ticket holders, efforts should also be made to involve students who are not ticket holders as well.

An example of this was the fun 5K run organized by student-athletes in November to support university president Michael Lovell through his sarcoma diagnosis. Another example was when men’s basketball and women’s basketball head coaches Shaka Smart and Megan Duffy joined Lovell and Sendik’s Fresh2Go owner Ted Balistreri will be handing out breakfasts given to students on the first day of classes for the fall semester 2021.

Some other examples of more engagement with non-student athletes were the Block Party organized by Marquette University Athletics in July, and the Valley rally event organized by the Marquette men’s lacrosse team in April 2019.

Hosting more events like this can not only increase the visibility of student-athletes and coaches on campus, but can also create more opportunities for engagement with other members of the Marquette community.

Another way to engage Marquette students in student-athletes is to educate the Milwaukee community.

Last September, the Marquette women’s basketball team partnered with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee women’s basketball team and the Milwaukee Police Department to organize a free basketball clinic at the North Side Washington Park.

The Marquette men’s basketball team also hosted a Haunted Hoops event in October, where they played a cross-team scrum in front of fans who could also enter a costume contest and a trick or treat. The men’s basketball team also visited the Salvation Army in Waukesha last month to help prepare and serve dinner on Thanksgiving, and donated gifts to the team’s adoption class at St. Catherine’s School.

The Marquette campus should explore more ways in which student-athletes and non-student-athletes can engage and serve in the Milwaukee community.

An example of this happened Last september, when Marquette student-athletes joined students, coaches, faculty and staff in a march for social inequality and injustice at the Center for Athletic and Human Performance at Valley Fields.

Creating more connections across campus, particularly between student-athletes and non-student-athletes, as well as with the Milwaukee community is important to foster more unity, as well as to encourage greater understanding and understanding. meaningful relationships. It is important that all members of the Marquette community do their part to support the “cura personalis” and care for student-athletes beyond the field and the court.

While progress has been made, there is a clear divide between student-athletes and non-student-athletes on the Marquette campus. This gap can be bridged if all students, faculty, and staff make intentional efforts to engage with the Milwaukee campus and community.

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