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Mojo Marketing channel marketing agency changes name to Mojenta

By on June 14, 2021 0

The agency added new programs for specific types of distribution companies.

Long-time marketing agency Mojo Marketing has changed its name to Mojenta to reflect its “maturity”.

The name change comes with a new logo, branding and website. The rebranding reflects the evolution of the channel marketing agency, a desire to differentiate itself further from other marketing agencies and alignment with future growth plans, the company said.

The staff and ownership of the channel marketing company remain the same.

Angela Leavitt is the founder and CEO of Mojenta.

Angela Leavitt from Mojenta

“More than a rebranding, this is really a rebirth of the company,” she said. “We have completely gutted our processes from the inside out and made them better and more efficient. We have also added new offerings and produced campaigns such as webinars, in-person events and the MDF implementation.

Specific programs for distribution companies

In addition, Mojenta now offers specific programs for MSPs, telecom agents, distributors and suppliers, Leavitt said. They are all based on over a decade of experience.

Mojenta is now a “highly sophisticated, data-driven growth agency,” Leavitt said.

“We have attracted the best talent in B2B marketing,” she said. “We understand the entire ecosystem of the B2B telecommunications, IT and cloud industries that we serve, and we are ready to help them achieve their growth goals more effectively than ever. “

This change comes after more than 10 years under the old name. During this period, Mojenta served nearly 300 B2B telecommunications, IT, cloud and SaaS companies. It acts as their outsourced marketing services and helps them drive the growth of their business.

Mojenta logoMojenta will continue to add top marketing talent, Leavitt said.

“We will be launching even more service offerings, with account-based marketing being a major focus,” she said. “We are also working on an MSP marketing boot camp that will help educate MSPs about their growth. “

Dan Rooney is Mojenta’s vice president of operations.

“Our vision is to become the most powerful full-service growth agency on the planet for B2B technology companies,” he said. “This new brand will allow us to bring this message to market and consolidate our thought leadership in the industries we serve. “

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