Mitchell Miller’s agent hits back at his critics.

By on November 6, 2022 0

Ever since the Boston Bruins made the decision to sign highly controversial forward Mitchell Miller, it seems the team has received nothing but negative reviews. Not only were the Bruins themselves called to task, but members of the management team had their integrity questioned and even players in the Bruins locker room were forced to answer questions about the move. controversial.

Through this torrent of negative publicity, Miller himself has remained entirely silent on the issue, never speaking up to defend himself. On Sunday, that apparently changed when, for the first time since signing, a member of Miller’s camp publicly came to his defense. That person was Miller’s agent, Eustache King of O2K Sports Management, who had some pretty strong words to offer in his client’s defense.

Here is King’s statement, unedited and in full:

The decision to take on Mitchell Miller as a client was not taken lightly by 02K Sports Management. As one of the few black NHL agents in the league, a member of the NHL’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and as a black man who has spent his entire life in hockey, I understand the seriousness of the situation and respects the fierce emotions and reactions to the initial reports and comments about Mr. Miller’s past behavior.

O2K Sports Management would not have agreed to represent Mitchell without months of research, deliberation, soul-searching within our organization and conversations with outside advisors. Additionally, when deliberating on whether to represent Mitchell, we learned over the past six years Mitchell has volunteered with organizations such as:
– Spread the word Campaign
-Small Miracles
-Ohio Adaptive Sports
-Sliding Stars

Additionally, this summer, Mitchell and I have met and committed to working with the following people:
-Bill Proudman, White Men as Full Diversity Partners
-The Carnegie Initiative
-Hockey Equality

Additionally, prior to signing his contract, Mitchell met and committed to working with local community projects such as:
-Bullying prevention program
-After-school program
-Youth orientation program

We believe in restorative justice. Mitchell and I are on this path together, and I invite you all to join us. O2K Sports Management believes in responsibility, just like our client. After weighing all of these factors, we have come to the conclusion to adopt Professor Loretta Ross’ forward-thinking approach and choose “advise, not cancel” as the path to racial healing and understanding.

It is of course important to remember that King is representing Miller here in a professional capacity.