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Micah Parsons complicates 2022 Cowboys free agency, drafts plans

By on February 8, 2022 0

How does Micah Parsons fit into the Dallas Cowboys 2022 plans? Is he a linebacker? Is he a defensive end? Do they continue to use it as a versatile two-position chess piece? How they determine how best to use the 2021 Rookie of the Year could go a long way in determining how they approach both free agency and the 2022 NFL Draft.

As things stand, Parsons is a bit of an enigma for the Cowboys. Undoubtedly a very good one, but an enigma all the same.

The Cowboys must figure out how best to use Parsons’ unique talent not just for the upcoming 2022 season, but for the future as well. It’s not exactly an easy decision to make, especially considering he was the best of the best in both positions in 2021.

In Parsons, the Cowboys have arguably the best linebacker and pass passer in the entire NFL. You won’t hear any complaints from the Cowboys. However, that complicates things a bit when it comes to free agency and the 2022 NFL Draft.

Parsons’ versatility to play both positions at such a high level puts the Cowboys a bit between a rock and a hard place. Moving him full-time to one position hurts depth at the other, and the same rings pretty much true if they keep playing him at LB and DE.

At linebacker, Micah Parsons is really the only proven commodity currently signed for next season. Jabril Cox may also be part of the equation, but no one is quite sure how he will recover from his season-ending knee injury or how he will fare as a full-time starter. The rest of the depth is equally unknown.

Things on the defensive end aren’t much more encouraging. They have DeMarcus Lawrence, as long as he’s not a salary cap victim, plus Chauncey Golston and Tarell Basham. If D-Law is a victim of the salary cap, DE depth is just as much of a concern as an LB, which makes Micah Parsons even more valuable in the position.

All in all, it’s a pretty messy situation and one of the Dallas Cowboys must understand as soon as possible. Otherwise, it could throw a huge wrench in how they approach both free agency and the 2022 NFL Draft. They can’t afford for that to happen if they want to be close to the team. championship caliber they aspire to be.

It’s certainly a situation worth watching as the offseason progresses. Free agency will give us a first hint as to how they plan to use Micah Parsons in the future, but until then all we can do is sit back and try to enjoy the show.

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