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KSITIL will be integrated as the project management agency for the new building Infopark Kochi

By on August 14, 2022 0

Kerala State Information Technology Infrastructure Limited (KSITIL) will likely be the project management agency for the new 3.50 lakh-sq.ft. proposed building at Infopark Kochi.

Discussions are ongoing between Kerala IT Parks and KSITIL under the Information Technology Department regarding the terms and conditions of the project. Infopark Kochi has already received approval for the establishment of the proposed building.

The plan is to complete the building in two years. Space allocation will begin when construction is almost complete, or at least a queuing system will be formed in advance for potential customers.

The proposed building will be constructed in the area outside the special economic zone. It will mainly target small and medium enterprises which have fueled the growth of IT in Kerala since the pandemic.

“At no time are we faced with an absolute lack of space in our computer parks. The problem is often the mismatch between the available space and the demand for space. For example, we may have 10,000 square feet. space, when the demand may be only 1,000 square feet,” said Kerala IT Parks Managing Director John M. Thomas.

From a government perspective, leasing larger space as a hot shell to be developed by individual companies makes economic sense. But in the new building, such facilities will be offered because the targeted beneficiaries are small and medium-sized enterprises. “There is a strong demand for space from small and medium-sized businesses, which have seen an impressive growth rate. It is our responsibility to be an enabler for them rather than just looking at the cost factor,” Thomas said.

Meanwhile, Kerala IT Parks have designed the proposed IT Parks on 100 acres in and around Kochi as self-integrated townships with commercial, residential, IT, educational and healthcare facilities. The proposal is part of the state government’s decision to promote the IT Corridor concept as linking facilities between IT centers and shelves along highly accessible areas. The demand for land near highways and airports with great accessibility is in front of the IT department.

“Once the land is made available, we will draw up a master plan based on the shape of the plots. The idea of ​​the autonomous cantons is to move away from a development model that leads to congestion and many unnecessary trips, which not only leads to reduced productivity and wasted time, but also to greater carbon footprint,” Thomas said.