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Jimmy Butler’s agent sends out explanatory tweet to Shams Charania

By on May 24, 2021 0

The “Undisputed” crew react to sports news, but it’s not often that they create live news on their show.

ESPN’s “first take” FS1 contender made waves Monday when co-hosts Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless debated potential candidates for Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones. Sharpe has a relationship with Jones and decided to go straight to the source and see if he wanted to play Dallas.

“Dude, look, do you want to go to the Cowboys Julio, or do you want to stay in Atlanta?” Sharpe asked Jones over the speakerphone on the show.

“Oh man, no I’m out of this man,” Jones replied bluntly.

Sharpe asked him where he would like to play if not in Atlanta, and Jones replied, “I want to win.” The former NFL player turned commentator joked with Jones that he wouldn’t win in Dallas a beard towards Bayless’s favorite NFL team.

“You already know I know,” Jones said in response to his distrust of Dallas. Jones was linked with Dallas this weekend after a spotted fan him in Dallas wearing a Cowboys sweatshirt.

There has already been a backlash in the segment. Many have questioned whether or not Jones knew he was on TV or that his answers were being made public. Laurence Holmes of 670 The Score in Chicago even suggested that Julio Jones might have reason to file a lawsuit against FS1 and Sharpe.

It’s a new era for the Falcons, who fired Dan Quinn last season after failing to achieve their 2016 Super Bowl spot success. The team hired Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith to give a new life to the franchise and igniting a fire under Matt Ryan’s final years in the league.

Unfortunately for the Falcons loyalists, Jones may have lived out his later years in an “ATL” uniform without their knowledge. The financial crisis of the pandemic has come for the franchise. Years of road kicking has left them at the bottom of the league in terms of overhead space. According to Over The Cap, Atlanta has just $ 410,351 of cap space to use this season, 30th in the league ahead of Chicago and New Orleans.

A player of Julio Jones’ caliber rarely appears in business rumors, but financial constraints are the reason the Undisputed crew gave him a ring on Monday morning.

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