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Jim Mattis said he would ‘swallow acid’ before allowing Trump’s military parade

By on April 19, 2021 0

Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told his aides he’d rather “swallow acid” than allow President Trump to stage a lavish military parade, according to an upcoming book written by his former editor of speech. According to The daily mailGuy Snodgrass says Mattis said the parade “would amount to authoritarian displays of power in the style of the Soviet Union” and would be a waste of $ 50 million. However, Mattis told Trump he would consider hosting the parade and continued to appease him until he was finally forced to leave. Trump ended up launching the “Salute to America” military parade earlier this year after Mattis left.

Snodgrass also writes that Mattis discovered Trump’s intention to ban transgender people from the military from Trump’s public tweet, prompting him to say the president was holding the government in a chaotic hostage situation. “Nobody moves or the hostage gets it!” Mattis is described as saying, after turning his hand into a gun with his fingers and putting it on his head. The former defense secretary is also described as calling the White House “too unruly” to be trusted and having a strategy toward Russia that was “like sex in the 1990s – all about instant gratification. “.

Mattis ‘assistant, Candace Currier, did not comment on the accuracy of Snodgrass’ claims, but said he was “junior staff who took notes at certain meetings but had no role in taking notes. decision”.

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