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Instant Connection With Aspiring India Paisabazaar.com Brand Movie Receives 7 Million Views In 7 Days

By on April 19, 2021 0

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Gurgaon, Haryana, India (NewsView)
⦁ The long format film, in line with the brand philosophy of Paisabazaar.com #PaisonSeBadhkar, tells the story of a father’s struggle to achieve his dream of owning a house
⦁ Inspiration has come from millions of customers, who visit Paisabazaar.com with the confidence to find the best loan deal and support.
⦁ A survey conducted by Paisabazaar.com found that 74% of its consumers had to spend most of their savings on buying a home; 14% have withdrawn their FP; 9% took 10 years to buy a house

True to its ‘Paison Se Badhkar’ brand philosophy, Paisabazaar.com, India’s largest market platform for loaner products, has released its new branded film, ‘My Father’s Dream #StoryOfADaughter’. The film has, in 4 days, garnered more than 6 million views on YouTube and other digital channels.

The long format film deals with the challenges of the Indian middle class to achieve one of the most common but unfulfilled aspirations – Buying a home. Narrated by a girl, the film presents the trials and tribulations of her father as he spends his life trying to achieve his dream of having his own home.

Paisabazaar.com says the genesis of the film came from conversations with millions of its customers who aspire to make their dreams come true and come to Paisabazaar.com with the confidence of finding the best loan deal and free end-to-end support. end. With diverse consumer segments from more than 1,100 cities and towns visiting the platform each month, Paisabazaar.com says its goal, as a mainstream brand, remains to help India access credit seamlessly. .

YouTube link: youtu.be/_P8Ym5Tt4VM.

Receive the love of the brand from all sides

The film has been shared more than 20,000 times on Facebook and has resonated with a large part of the audience, especially parents and young women. It has also received praise from several influencers organically.

“I loved the film and (the brand’s) initiative to show how girls today take responsibility and make their parents’ dreams come true,” read a comment on YouTube.

“I saw this beautiful advertisement for Paisabazaar… It’s beautifully scripted. The passion for living and the joy of spreading happiness should be a goal for all of us, ”actor Karanvir Bohra said in a video post on Instagram.

“A compelling story that resonates with people, young and old, across the country, and that has been told with talent. The music and the song at the end turn the emotion knob to the max, ”said Nima DT Namchu, independent creative consultant and former CCO, Havas Worldwide.

“Paison Se Badhkar” is not just a brand philosophy, it is a brand commitment

The film is particularly relevant in today’s environment where home loans are experiencing an increase in demand, but remains a complex product with long-term financial implications for consumers.

Paisabazaar conducted a survey as part of its pre-production research for the film to understand the difficulties consumers face in purchasing their homes. The survey revealed the following consumer views:

⦁ 74% of home loan customers had to spend a large part of their life savings to pay the down payment for their house

⦁ 14% of borrowers have also withdrawn their FP savings

⦁ For 25% of respondents, it took more than 3 years, from planning to buying a home

⦁ 9% had to wait 10 years before they could afford to buy a house

“Choosing the right deal, especially in a long-term product like home loans, is essential because of the high costs involved. Paisabazaar.com has always strived to help consumers choose the most suitable loan, through technological, product and process innovations that aim to fill the deep gaps in consumer needs. Our ‘Paison Se Badhkar’ brand philosophy is built on this commitment to our consumers to always be by their side, with the right product and the right advice, ”said Naveen Kukreja, CEO and Co-Founder of Paisabazaar.com.

As a large amount loan, the home loan process is more complex and time consuming due to the cumbersome, offline, multistep processes. Paisabazaar, through its end-to-end expert assistance model, which includes document retrieval, in-depth coordination with the lender, and more. aims to make it easy, transparent and convenient for consumers. 65% of Paisabazaar customers said they were able to benefit from the mortgage in less than 3 weeks, via Paisabazaar.

“The philosophy of our Paison Se Badhkar brand is central to everything we do as a company. Over the years, conversations with our clients have made it clear that taking out a loan is not just a monetary transaction for them. More often than not, it usually represents life goals, aspirations, and sometimes an urgent need. It is with this deep awareness that we strive to create a technology-driven brand with a human face, ”said Sai Narayan, CMO, Paisabazaar.com.

Paisabazaar.com’s latest brand film based on “Paison Se Badhkar” “The Wedding Speech” was released last year and received tremendous reviews from across the country and beyond, with over 100 million views on digital platforms.

Image: My father’s dream #StoryOfADaughter

Video: My Father’s Dream #StoryOfADaughter


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