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In what condition does the CB Raiders position head into 2022 free agency

By on March 4, 2022 0

With free agency less than a month away, it’s time to check the Raiders’ cornerback position to give him a condition of Strong, Stable, Unstable, Serious, or Critical.

Returning starters: Trayvon Mullen, Nate Hobbs
Backups: Keisean Nixon, Amik Robertson, Kavon Frazier, Cre’Von LeBlanc
Free Agents: Casey Hayward, Brandon Facyson, Desmond Trufant

Prior to last season, Trayvon Mullen was the only safe starter. Then he got injured, Casey Hayward ran away with the title of the Raiders’ top DB, and fifth-round rookie Nate Hobbs emerged as a phenom in the slot.

Mullen was injured in week four and placed on IR. It returned in week 14 and soon landed on IR. Despite back-to-back injuries, it’s not a common thing for Mullen. It’s actually the first time in his career that he misses a game. So he thinks he is online again to start outside.

Hobbs was a force in the slot from game one. He won the job at camp and never looked back. He has no glaring weaknesses on the pitch. I say on the pitch because his weakness seems to be bad judgment. Driving a car in particular, after being pulled over for drunk driving and arrested for doing 115 in a 65 just two weeks later. If he pulls himself together, he has a bright future.

They got only one-off tasks and marginal play from others. Nixon has been helpful at times, but there’s no suggestion he’s starting the caliber.

Status: Serious

The Raiders are considering the very real possibility of losing their top cornerback in free agency. Hayward followed Gus Bradley to Las Vegas last offseason, he could do it again with Bradley in Indianapolis. If that happens, or if Hayward simply takes a better deal elsewhere, the Raiders will have to be a player in the free agent market for a corner.