“If they’re upset with management, then they should ‘Last Dance’!”

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The hottest topic in the NBA over the past two weeks has been the potential trade of Brooklyn Nets superstars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Durant has already asked to be transferred, and Irving could be on the verge of leaving if a suitable offer comes along.

Although there have been numerous trade rumors, team owner Joe Tsai may opt to keep both as Durant and Irving are contractually obligated to stay. If they are to stay, Fox Sports analyst Kevin Wildes has an interesting take on what superstars can do in Brooklyn.

Here’s what Wildes said on an episode of “The Bill Simmons Podcast”:

“That would be my offer if I was Joe Tsai. I’d go get two Last Dance DVDs, not streaming, you’re on the real DVDs, you really have to commit.

“Guys, what is this movie about? This is a group of guys, namely Phil Jackson, Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan who are very unhappy with the direction. ‘”

Wilde added:

“But rather than running away, they were like, ‘You know what, let’s print out the binders and write ‘The Last Dance’ on them.

“‘Now that theory works if you buy into the idea that Kyrie feels disrespectful and that’s why he wants out. And as a side downfall of that, KD feels disrespected on behalf of Kyrie. If they’re upset with the management, so they should “Last Dance”!”

After the Chicago Bulls, featuring Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, won back-to-back titles in 1996-97, they knew the team would be disbanded.

Late general manager Jerry Krause didn’t want to be part of Jackson anymore after the 1997-98 season, while Pippen publicly demanded to be traded.

Pippen played just 44 games before the Bulls’ quest for a second Grand Slam due to delayed surgery in the offseason. It was his way of taking shots at Krause for trying to trade him and not extending his contract.

The perennial All-Star and All-NBA Defensive player had one of the worst contracts for a superstar in that era.

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen hated Jerry Krause like no star ever hated a CEO. #The last dance

Jordan was furious because he didn’t want to play for anyone but Jackson. He also felt that Pippen’s situation was a huge factor in winning another championship.

Jordan also could have demanded to be traded and completely torpedoed his title aspirations.

History has shown that they completed their second trifecta in one of the most memorable NBA seasons in history. “The Last Dance” was born because Chicago Bulls superstars held their end of the bargain and stuck it to management.

Durant and Irving could potentially do their own version if they stick around and give the Brooklyn Nets their first franchise title.

Kevin Durant will need the best version of Kyrie Irving to succeed

Kevin Durant will need a fully committed Kyrie Irving to win an NBA title in Brooklyn.
Kevin Durant will need a fully committed Kyrie Irving to win an NBA title in Brooklyn.

If Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant stay in Brooklyn past the offseason, they’ll have to do a much better job next season to be successful. Even after a poor postseason against the Boston Celtics, almost everyone expects Durant to hold up his end of the bargain.

They need each other to succeed and invent “The Last Dance” 2.0. The NBA already knows KD can’t do it without the Mercurial point guard, so they’ll have to commit to winning it all.

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Bill Simmons, however, isn’t convinced Irving will change to help Durant:

“I think Kyrie is so much more erratic and unreliable than Pippen, who Steve Kerr said was the best teammate he ever had. He had surgery before the season as the team’s FU, but other than that he was pretty reliable for these guys..

“The problem with Kyrie is that he’s one of the most unreliable athletes we’ve ever had in team sports.”

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Whether Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are traded or not, these are arguably the most compelling stories to follow in the offseason. If they stay, they could cap off an amazing story with, ironically enough, Joe Tsai lifting the Larry O’Brien trophy at the end.

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