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Health agency apologizes for insensitive benefits of hiring people with disabilities

By on November 14, 2022 0

A government health agency yesterday apologized for an insensitive post listing offensive reasons why employers should hire people with disabilities.

ThaiHealth posted a statement of apology on Facebook for the post, saying it was intended to list the benefits of hiring older people, not people with disabilities, and that it made it seem like it ” devalued” people with disabilities.

The infographic, which was released on Saturday, was titled ‘Benefits of hiring people with disabilities’ and listed reasons such as ‘they won’t take time off often’, ‘work slowly but get the job done’ and ‘it’ is competitive work. which brings in money”. He also said they would never ask for special benefits or privileges and had low turnover.

Many commentators called the ad tone-deaf and completely retrograde in its discriminatory view of people with disabilities. It was later deleted before the agency issued its apology yesterday.

“ThaiHealth’s Corporate Communications Department apologizes for bringing forward the topic of ‘Benefits of Hiring a Disabled Person,’ the statement read. “This was an error intended to provide information on the benefits of hiring older people to work, and has been used to communicate about the employment of people with disabilities, giving the impression that it devalues ​​people with disabilities.”

He said he was working with relevant network partners to create opportunities for all and would take this incident as an important lesson for the future.

Many commentators did not buy his apparent excuse of ableism and ageism and took to social media to condemn the agency’s excuses.

“You meant that this content was for older people, but how did the communication lead you to talk about people with disabilities?” a comment read.

“It reflects the way of thinking that ThaiHealth never believes in human dignity,” read another. “You see yourself as good doing charity, being a noble giver, so you can discriminate. I would like to commend the corporate communications department for making content that shows how they think and work as an organization. Very impactful.