Gators’ Apollonio on his way to the UK

By on June 8, 2022 0

Deputy Editor

SEVEN SPRINGS – Chase your dreams and hold nothing back.

It’s advice that Edgar Victoriano Apolonio decided to follow and he’s about to start a journey he never imagined he would take.

The Spring Creek eldest will attend the International Soccer Academy at Northumbria University in Newcastle in the UK. He announced his decision on Thursday afternoon.

“It was something he had spoken to me about during the season and we were just praying that he had this opportunity because I know it was something he really wanted and something he dared to do. , said SC head coach Miguel. Torres.

Apolonio first had to convince his parents.

They had several conversations about his future, expressed their concerns, and remained apprehensive about giving their blessings. As the recruitment period approached, Apolonio explained to his parents that he did not have much time to find a university.

His work ethic off and on the field convinced his parents.

“I didn’t start the recruiting process early enough to commit to a Division I or Division II college,” Apolonio said. “Thanks to them, I feel like I can get the same playing time and that high level of football, especially in England, which is one of the most popular countries to play football in.

“I feel like they can help me through football to pursue a professional career. The school is accredited in both the UK and the US, and it will help me with relationships academics.

Apolonio helped guide Spring Creek to the first Neuse Six 2A regular season and tournament championships in 2021. The Gators finished undefeated at home, won 16 games and advanced to the fourth round of the NC High School playoffs. Athletic Association.

He scored two goals and delivered an assist.

Torres described the versatile Apolonio as the model leader and student-athlete, and someone who involves the whole team on the court.

“He can play in any position and he’s shown that to us by playing in multiple positions throughout his four-year career,” Torres said. “I think that’s something that will definitely help him as he begins his college journey.”

Apolonio plans to pursue a degree in sports management.

He would like to help manage a professional team financially or play, but would have to adapt to the physique and aggressiveness of European football.