Game on: Coweta High School wins a competitive esports team | News

By on January 14, 2022 0

Sinkinson said she currently has 15 students interested in their competitive esports team, which could start as soon as next week. Games will include Super Smash Bros., which will require travel to and from competing school sites, and League of Legends. League of Legends will not require travel as it can be done via computer screens.

“Games are generally chosen by the league based on popularity,” Sinkinson said. “In the fall, they can play Valorant, Rocket League and Super Smash Bros.” Other games will be added to the mix as long as they are suitable for students, she explained.

Competitive esports will be offered in the fall and spring, Sinkinson said. Players should have at least two hours of training per week and they can expect to travel at least two to four times per season. There will be selected qualifying tournaments scattered throughout the seasons.

Like athletics, AG Ed, and the band, Sinkinson and Poindexter agree that competition is always there with esports.

“It’s not a typical sporting event. You have to consider strategy, teamwork, reflexes and preparation. Although they may not physically play games, it still requires the same mental effort,” they said.

Most of the start-up costs have already been covered, thanks to a generous donation from the Coweta Rotary Club. They also acquired a STEM grant that can equip eight competitive stations. Additionally, much of their required technology is already available in the STEM lab. It will now serve multiple purposes.