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BELLEFONTE – Heavy rains on Wednesday prompted the Central County Council of Commissioners to approve a county-wide disaster emergency declaration due to flooding in the Central region.

The statement came during an emergency session Thursday afternoon.

“Heavy rains and flooding have endangered the health, safety and well-being of a significant number of people residing in Center County and threaten to create problems of a magnitude Center County could. be able to resolve “, clarifies the statement.

Statement orders Center County Emergency Management Coordinator Jeffrey Wharran “To coordinate the activities of the emergency response, to take all appropriate measures necessary to mitigate the effects of this disaster, to assist in the restoration of essential public services and to take any other emergency response measures deemed necessary to respond to this disaster. “

“Communities in eastern Center County have experienced record rainfall. The rain fell hard and fast. said Michael Pipe, chairman of the Center County Council of Commissioners. “… Commissioners approved a disaster declaration to coordinate resources and access state and federal funds and assets. Our emergency management team is on the front lines of the response and will continue to be so until further notice. “

A disaster emergency declaration can allow the county to seek state or federal assistance if necessary and adopt emergency response plans.

The Penns Valley area has been hit hard by the rain, with more than five inches recorded in some areas, according to AccuWeather.com and the National Weather Service. Streams in the area continued to rise after the rain subsided, flooding streets and affecting homes.

Elk Creek overflowed Thursday morning, causing road closures. The water level has reached below a bridge along the national road 45 in Millheim. Flooding caused the closure of the highway between National Highway 445 (North Street) near Madisonburg and National Highway 235 near Hartleton in Union County. PennDOT was scheduled to perform a bridge inspection before reopening the highway yesterday morning.

State Route 2011 (Penn Street) was also closed between Water Street and Coburn.

State Route 445 between State Route 45 and State Route 192 and between State Route 192 and State Route 64 has been closed but has since reopened.

According to AccuWeather.com and the National Weather Service, Aaronsburg recorded 5.42 inches of rain from the storm, while Poe Valley State Park was 5.28 inches and Spring Mills was 4.5 inches.

The Penns Valley Area High School and Old Gregg School serve as emergency shelters.

“The people who call Penns Valley home are resourceful, resilient and compassionate,” Pipe said. “Neighbors help neighbors and local governments help in any way they can. “

The Central County government is providing resources that people might need, such as generators, water and food. The Red Cross will also be involved in these efforts.

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