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Federal Agency Attempts to Shut Down Immigration Judges UnionDocumented

By on January 29, 2022 0

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In a new ruling, the Federal Labor Relations Authority seeks for the second time to end the collective bargaining powers of the National Association of Immigration Judges. The federal agency argues that the union’s more than 500 immigration judges cannot belong because they hold leadership positions. The union plans to legally challenge the recent decision. This will be the second time the FLRA has spoken out against the immigration judges since the Trump administration sought to end their union. Associated press

In other federal immigration news…

Data Reveals Results of Border Patrol Arrests Under Biden

Border Patrol has deported more than a million people, mostly to Mexico, and has deported 62,000 since President Biden took office. About 60% of arrests led to deportation or expedited deportation, 22% led to outright release, nearly 11% led to Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention or jail, and about 8 % led to a child being sent to a shelter. Direct releases have increased in recent months due to increased arrivals of international migrants who are more difficult to evict with limited resources.