Domestic violence hearing for Miles Bridges postponed again

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Miles Bridges’ preliminary hearing on the California domestic abuse charges has been postponed again.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Attorney’s Office told the Charlotte Observer on Friday that Bridges’ court date had been moved to September 29.

It’s the third postponement, and it threatens to cost Bridges part of the NBA preseason.

Bridges, the Charlotte Hornets’ top scorer last year, was originally due to appear at his preliminary hearing August 19 and September 7. But it was postponed to Friday. Now it has been delayed again.

Hornets forward Miles Bridges is charged with three counts of domestic violence in Los Angeles. His preliminary hearing, scheduled for Friday, was instead moved to September 29. Alex Slitz [email protected]

Bridges, a Michigan State graduate, is accused of severely beating his girlfriend in front of their two children.

On July 20, Bridges pleaded not guilty in Los Angeles Superior Court to three felony counts: harming the parent of a child and two counts of child abuse under circumstances or conditions. likely to cause serious bodily injury or death.

If convicted of all three, Bridges faces up to nearly 12 years in prison.

He was arrested on June 29 after what Los Angeles police described as an incident two days before of “intimate partner violence with injuries.”

The Monitor does not generally identify potential victims of domestic violence.

After Bridges was arrested, her accuser took to social media to share photos of her injuries and what appeared to be a copy of her medical report.

The report described an “adult victim of physical abuse by a male partner” who had suffered “an assault by strangulation; concussion; closed fracture of the nasal bone; bruised rib; several bruises; neck muscle strain.

Bridges, the 12th overall pick in the 2018 NBA draft, finds himself in grave legal danger as his career falters on the verge of stardom.

He became a restricted free agent in July when the Hornets offered him a $7.9 million qualifying offer. This gives the team the right to match any deal it receives in the free agent market, which before its legal troubles was expected to reach $25 million a year.

Now his career may depend on the outcome of his case.

The Hornets’ qualifying offer still stands because the deadline to rescind it passed on July 13, meaning Bridges’ reps and the team must both agree to take it off the table.

Depending on the outcome of his case, Bridges would likely face a severe NBA suspension similar to the league’s 24-game punishment. former Hornet Jeff Taylor in 2014 continued his guilty plea on domestic violence charges.

His new court date also straddles the start of the Hornets’ preseason.

The Charlotte NBA team is scheduled to hold a media day Sept. 26 and begin training camp a day later, before the Hornets’ Oct. 2 preseason opener in Boston against the Celtics.

Charlotte Observer Hornets writer Roderick Boone contributed.

This story was originally published September 16, 2022 6:22 p.m.

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