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We are looking for a strategically minded digital media planner and buyer who is proficient in the tools and wants the flexibility, autonomy and range to further develop skills across multiple B2B and B2C accounts.

Even through COVID, we are growing, with an increasingly global customer base. We are looking for a motivated, entrepreneurial and results driven Digital Media Ninja to add to our team of Media Buyers across all online channels. You need to master the metrics, focus on customer ROI.

Here is the digital media specialist’s checklist:

  • You are familiar with digital media buying tools.
  • You have must-have shortcuts and strategies that work for you day in and day out.
  • You know the steps to launching campaigns so well that you could almost run them blindfolded.
  • You have a daily optimization routine to test, adjust, and realign campaign settings so that metrics produce above-market results that prove you’re a technical wizard.
  • You are ahead of the curve when it comes to data analytics, it’s like numbers talking to you in their own secret language. You know the stats without reading the reports, it’s like a cosmic dance you have with the digital universe, but it’s all based on hardcore real-time numbers that end up in customer results or in the sales funnel .
  • You know that Artificial Intelligence is artificial because it always takes a human brain with its intelligence and creativity to interpret the intermediate messages that you are able to capture as you become more informed about a client and his audience. target (s).
  • Proficiency in the digital media landscape and the ability to select the best media channels to meet each client’s goals, including all digital media strategy, planning, purchasing and activation for clients
  • Proficiency in Google Marketing Platform, Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Facebook
  • Ability to analyze and interpret what advertising campaign data reveals to help inform decisions for future campaigns
  • Experience working with media budgets of $ 1-10 million with a constant focus on ROI
  • Ability to manage the budgets of multiple publishers at the same time and optimize performance dynamically, in real time
  • Run A / B testing of campaigns and creative elements
  • Configure all tracking links for continuous metric analysis and provide transparent month-end reports
  • Monthly and in some cases weekly reports for clients
  • Monthly reconciliation of media publisher invoices for invoicing and customer reporting
  • Reporting and campaign management, using our systems (Workflow Max, Xero and
  • Strategic and tactical rationale for your media spending recommendations
  • Ability to interpret raw data to deliver successful communication campaigns would be great, but not required to have knowledge of the Tableau data visualization tool
  • Help our customers get a single view of their customer journey, from first impression to conversion and repeat purchases.

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About Ultimate Edge Communications

Ultimate Edge Communications (UEC) was founded in Sydney in 2014, by Aleisha McCall, B & Ts ’30 under 30 Entrepreneur’ finalist and former international junior figure skating champion.

UEC is able to meet expectations by being the conductor of an orchestra of moving parts that create a symphony of results that resonate with a highly targeted audience in the B2B and B2C sectors.

Composition begins with expert media buying that requires establishing a key strategic proportion between traditional offline and digital media spend. Once the budget allocation is defined, it then proceeds to tactically deploy funds across selected channels to ensure target market optimization to set the stage for everything that follows.

The second act is to create design elements specifically tailored to each of the channels to ensure optimal conversions while providing maximum consistent brand reinforcement. Collaboration and synchronization of media and creative design is one of the reasons UEC outperforms its peers as well as internal marketing departments.

The third act builds on this momentum to integrate lead generation and customer acquisition activities to fuel a cohesive customer journey that delivers higher conversion on their buying path. This is made possible by sophisticated automated workflows that create and improve the customer experience, reducing attrition during a purchase or immediately after, while dramatically improving customer satisfaction when consuming the product or service. . This inevitably reduces operating costs. Even though UEC focuses on media, sales and marketing, the systematization of multiple customer journeys translates into organizational improvements that create more benefits with economies of scale. These improvements often provide the capacity essential for rapid growth without substantial and costly additional human resources.

The latest act will crescendo by embracing cutting-edge technologies including: artificial intelligence, machine learning, heuristics, predictive modeling and data analytics to fully embrace the concept of the principles of deliberate practice that created Olympic medalists and world champions. This complex process involves the creation of a self-reinforcing feedback loop that automatically and systematically applies highly sophisticated mathematical and statistical techniques to optimize all moving components, so that we can manage, monitor and adjust each variable in harmony with the others. to maximize profits to a minimum. cost while maintaining the highest quality and brand integrity.

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Recruiters with pre-qualified candidates are encouraged.

We MAY accept and encourage applicants who are in need of corporate sponsorship, including applicants for working holidays; but because of COVID, you must already be in Australia (or New Zealand).

We are looking to fill a permanent full time position in Sydney, but if you are only available part time and want to work remotely, please contact us and we will see if we can make it work.

Please note that we promote a fun, collaborative and health-conscious work environment. Work-life balance is at the heart of our corporate culture. We have provided Work from Home (WFH) flexibility since early 2019 (before COVID) to allow all staff to work their preferred hours as well as work some of those hours remotely. This flexibility also applies to this role.

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