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Dennis Schroder on his future with the Lakers: “If all goes well, we will come back and win a championship”

By on June 4, 2021 0

Dennis Schroder is expected to be a free agent this offseason, and all indications suggest it won’t be easy to re-sign. The Los Angeles Lakers reportedly offered him a contract extension worth $ 84 million over four years, the maximum they could give him at the time under the league’s collective agreement, and he declined, preferring to wait until the offseason when he could theoretically win more from the Lakers or the free market. After a top-down first-round streak against the Phoenix Suns, many expected him to leave the Lakers this offseason in favor of a team that could present him more on offense.

But Schroder was adamant after Thursday’s loss to the Suns that he not only plans to return to the Lakers, but he has very high expectations for next season. “At the end of the day, if all goes well, we’re going to come back and win a championship next year,” said Schroder. told reporters after the game. He even claimed that this eventful season will only make the future sweeter. saying “you have to go through the bulls—- to get to the right s—-.”

The Lakers also have a number of other free agents to consider this offseason. Talen Horton-Tucker will be restricted, meaning the Lakers can match any offer another team makes for him. Alex Caruso, Markieff Morris and Wesley Matthews are all unrestricted, so the Lakers don’t have match rights. Montrezl Harrell has a player option, so he can choose to step aside and test free agency, however, given his disappointing playoffs, he might instead take the $ 11 million off his option for next season. Add Schroder and the money the Lakers have already committed to LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Kyle Kuzma and the Lakers are set to absorb one of the biggest luxury tax bills in US history. NBA to keep last season’s roster together.

In all likelihood, that will not be the plan. This series exposed many of the shortcomings of this list, some of which involved Schroder. Specifically, the Lakers lacked outside shot to space the floor for James and Davis in their weakened states. The Lakers will certainly look to address this weakness, and that may include letting Schroder walk on behalf of a better shot at point guard.

But if Schroder’s price has fallen to a more reasonable level, the Lakers have an incentive to try and bring him back. They will exceed the salary cap regardless of this offseason, but if he works, they will have no way of replacing him unless they can strike a deal with his new team. From that point of view, the Lakers will likely do everything in their power to keep Schroder or extract value by exiting. Deep down, however, Schroder is open to compromise and if he makes enough financial sacrifices to give the Lakers the flexibility to improve, he may well deliver on his championship promise after all.

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