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Davante Adams rumors: Derek Carr says ideal scenario is to beat the Packers in the Super Bowl, then sign a receiver

By on July 7, 2021 0

Derek Carr wants to be Davante Adams. The Raiders quarterback has made it clear his desire to reunite with his former Fresno State teammate this offseason and it doesn’t look like he’s planning to slow down his recruiting at all. Already, he has been taped several times, flaunting his desire for Las Vegas to sign Adams, who is entering the final year of his contract and is expected to be an unrestricted free agent in 2022. The latest forum where Carr continues to try to talk about Adams signing with the Raiders on the Cris Collinsworth podcast.

Carr reiterated his desire to play with Adams and noted that while his team are not allowed to sign the star catcher at this point, there are no tampering rules against players. With this knowledge, the veteran quarterback will continue to push that possible marriage until free agency opens again next spring.

“Davante, he’s one of my best friends,” Carr told Collinsworth, transcribed by Professional football discussion. “I’m going to give him whatever I have to give. I’m going to buy him a car, whatever I have to do, I’ll give it to this man. I know he would fit in perfectly with the receivers we have here. . He is so good in this room. I have a right to say these things. Our organization is not, but I will say it. He is my best friend, I think he is one of the best – he’s the best receiver in the NFL. “

While Adams noted that he can’t “dabble” in any sort of discussion about playing for a team other than the Packers, he recently said how much he loved Carr and admitted that it would be a big deal. dreams of playing with him someday.

“I love Derek to death,” Adams recently told ABC 30 in central California. “We have a great friendship and we always communicate very, very consistently. He’s one of my best friends. Obviously it would be a dream to be able to play with him, but I’m a Packer now. that point when we make that decision, I guess we just did, we’ll see what happens. “

Carr acknowledged that Adams needs to focus on being a Packer entering the 2021 season. In his perfect world, however, Carr and the Raiders have beaten the Adams Packers in the Super Bowl this coming season, and then Las Vegas signs it later the next offseason.

“He’s focused on being a Packer and I know that because I see how he works,” Carr said. “I know how he works and I know how much it means to him. He focus on that and I focus on trying to reach the Super Bowl, to win the Super Bowl, I hope that he’ll be there so I can beat his ass too. That’s the plan, then recruit him from the dark side.

As for the possibility of Adams staying at Green Bay, no discussion of an overtime between him and the Packers made headlines, leaving open the possibility of a departure. It’s also worth noting that the future of quarterback Aaron Rodgers could also make Adams want to stay with the team in the future. As long as no long-term deal is made between these two parties, you can probably expect Carr to continue her free agent pitch until Adams hits the free market next March.

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