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Cowboys’ Michael Gallup opens up on Dak Prescott return, contract status beyond 2021

By on June 7, 2021 0

Dak Prescott is back and in perfect health, but you are well aware of it now. Tyron Smith and La’el Collins are also, something else you now know, and the return of these three starters to key positions has seen the Dallas Cowboys potentially return to their position as the NFL’s No.1 offense – as they did. were in 2019 and 2020 before losing Prescott to his season-ending ankle injury. That possibility has Michael Gallup drooling all over his jersey, having been forced to step back statistically due to a bad quarterback ride from Week 6 to Week 17, but having the talent to finish with 843 receptions. yards and five touchdowns in the third year.

Sharing the load with rookie first-round pick CeeDee Lamb (who finished with just under 1,000 yards) also had an impact, but Prescott being back under center means Gallup – easily one of his targets. favorite – could once again find a way to pass 1,000 yards by receiving like he did in 2019 (1,106). But true to his character, he doesn’t worry about his own production. He’s excited about what the overall offense will be like in 2021, and the 25-year-old doesn’t see a weak spot on that side of the ball.

“I think the sky is the limit for us,” Gallup told NFL Network’s “hello football“Monday morning, one day before the compulsory minicamp.” We said so last year. Obviously we had a few injuries in the team and stuff like that. We’re already coming out of the gate right now, these are just OTAs.

“I think we can explode. We can do what we need to do here on the ground and kill him. I don’t see anyone stopping us.”

Considering what the Prescott-led offensive previously accomplished, Gallup’s statement is not a reach. However, the question is not necessarily about their ability to revert to their prolific habits, but rather whether all key players / starters can remain healthy in the future. All signs point to Prescott going back to his Ironman days, though, and that’s the biggest part of the puzzle.

“Dak looks like the same old Dak, ready to go out, ready to be a leader,” Gallup said. “He’s just got that little thing going for him. Every time you see him you just want to make sure you do whatever it takes for him. He’s a great guy on and off the pitch, who comes here. after his injury, after his It’s the same old dude.

“Nothing has changed about him except that he just wants to play now. Accessories for him. Everything he’s done he’s won. Just an amazing player.”


Speaking of contracts, it’s time for the Cowboys to turn their financial attention to Gallup – having now secured Prescott and Amari Cooper on long-term deals in back-to-back seasons. Gallup is entering the final year of his rookie contract, and because he’s a former third-round pick, there’s no fifth-year option in the team’s pocket to practice for more time. Gallup will be an unrestricted free agent in 2022, unless the Cowboys use the franchise tag on him. And if he’s stuck in the moment of trying to help Prescott and Co. bounce back this coming season, he’s not naive either.

He’s learned that there is a business side to the NFL that can be pretty visceral at times.

“You will obviously think about [the contract status], but there’s nothing you can do about it other than go out on the field and do what you’re supposed to do, “Gallup said.” You won’t get this contract if you don’t do what you’re supposed to be on. land first. I think, one thing to think about, you can’t say anything in the future. You just gotta do what you’re supposed to do now.

“For me, it’s just about helping this club win ball games, having fun doing it.”

Gallup has seen his name appear in a variety of unsubstantiated business rumors over the past calendar year or so, and Lamb’s addition to the mix has only fueled speculation that his end will soon be in Dallas. . As it stands, it never has, with sources continually telling CBS Sports that the Cowboys were never interested in trading Gallup and (at this point in time) still are not. Could this change in the future? Yes, because anything can in the NFL, but the Cowboys currently have no will to take out a 1,000-yard receiver as their franchise quarterback tries to re-sharpen offense – because chemistry matters.

And when it comes to the latter, Gallup and Prescott have it in spades. The two are extremely close not only as players but also as friends, and when it comes time to sit down with the Cowboys to discuss what will happen after 2021, that will come into play – as well as the Gallup’s love for all things Dallas.

“Obviously I would love to stay here,” he said. “I would love to be in Dallas. I love the community, I love the city, I love the fans, so it’s in the air, but I want to be here.

Gallup had 2,457 yards and 13 touchdowns in just 35 starts in his first three seasons, and has become a / the definitive big play threat to the Cowboys offense. Lamb is expected to play a bigger role in the future, but that plan is not in place with the idea of ​​leaving Gallup. The Cowboys are just trying to turn their offensive bomb into a thermonuclear bomb, and they would like to keep Gallup as much as they would like to stay.

The only thing to find out is the money, and this is where both parties will be asked to prove their belief.

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