COVID-19: Sports companies, staff can request relief

By on June 6, 2021 0
  • By Shelley Shan / Journalist

Starting today, businesses and workers in the sports industry can start applying for special relief funding as many have been forced to temporarily shut down their businesses due to a level COVID-19 alert. 3 nationwide, the Sports Administration said.

Sports Administration Director General Chang Shao-hsi (張少熙) announced Thursday that the agency has secured NT $ 1.201 billion ($ 43.32 million) in relief funds to support the sports industry. sport.

Agency data showed that 6,200 commercial operators in the sports industry have been affected since the government issued the level 3 alert last month, thereby affecting 25,000 workers.

“We hope the relief funds will help everyone get through this difficult time,” Chang said.

Sports-related enterprises listed in Article 4 of the Sports Industry Development Act (運動 產業 發展 條例) are eligible for relief funds, from professional and non-professional sports organizations to manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of ‘sports equipment, as well as advice on sports management. companies.

Applications open today and close on Aug.31, the agency said.

Liu Tzi-chun (劉姿君), head of the agency’s planning division, said businesses are eligible for a one-time payment if they provide proof that their income for the past month, month or month. next are down 50% or more from the same month last year or their average earnings for March and April of this year.

The grants would be calculated by multiplying NT $ 40,000 by their number of employees, she said.

Firms that did not pay their workers the basic salary stipulated in the Labor Standards Act (勞動 基準 法) would receive a one-time subsidy, with the funding to be received being calculated by multiplying NT $ 10,000 by the number of workers, Liu said.

Workers in the sector are eligible for a one-time payment of NT $ 40,000 if their wages last month, this month or next month have decreased by 50 percent or more from the same month last year or their wages. means for March and April, or because their contracts were suspended or canceled, she said.

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