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College athletes can now take advantage of tweets

By on June 5, 2021 0

With the implementation of rules that allow NCAA athletes to enjoy their name, image and likeness, a lot about the college game is about to change, and that includes social media. Thursday, sports marketing company Opendorse announced that they have reached a deal with Twitter that would allow athletes to benefit from their tweets.

Videos posted to the website by athletes will contain advertisements, and payouts for such advertisements will be determined based on the engagement and number of subscribers of the account posting them.

“This fall, when a varsity sports fan takes to Twitter, he’ll see a video of his favorite student-athlete and that video could be that athlete doing a post-game recap. Their thoughts on the game they just played, ”said Opendorse co-founder Blake Lawrence. “The fan starts playing this video and will see an advertisement five to 15 to 30 seconds before the video plays.

“The difference between this fall video and today’s video is that this fall video will result in compensation directly to this student-athlete. “

While Opendorse has recently focused on representing varsity athletes in the evolving marketing landscape, the company also works for professional athletes in all four major sports. Lawrence said he has the versatility to meet the different needs of different athletes. This will be important with regard to the NIL, as the legislation concerning it differs from state to state.

“We have built a system that allows the activities of an NBA player to be evaluated differently than an NFL player,” said Lawrence. “So that same approach you can bring to the college space.”

Several FBS schools already have agreements with Opendorse, including Nebraska, Texas, Ohio State, LSU, Indiana, and BYU. Now it looks like the list is destined to grow.

We are approaching an environment unprecedented in college football. Athletes have more autonomy than ever before, and now they will have the opportunity to market and profit as if they were professionals, albeit with certain restrictions. Monetizing something like a Twitter account is just a fact of the new reality.

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