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Celsius lowers crypto stablecoin loans to $ 100

By on September 29, 2021 0

HOBOKEN, New Jersey, September 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Celsius, the world’s leading cryptocurrency lending and income platform, today announced that borrowers in supported locations can now apply for stablecoin loans against their digital assets from $ 100, making Celsius one of the most accessible crypto-lenders in the industry.

Thanks to the Celsius platform, customers can use over 30 cryptocurrencies to take out a loan worth $ 100 or more in USDT, USDC, GUSD, TUSD, PAX or DAI. Celsius also offers loans issued in USD to borrowers interested in loans valued at $ 15,000 or more. Annual rates start at just 1% APR, and borrowers can get up to 25% discount by making monthly payments in the platform’s native CEL token. (Prices may vary depending on Celsius policy, your jurisdiction and applicable laws and regulations).

This announcement is part of Celsius’ ongoing efforts to empower more people to access fair, transparent and low-cost financial services. Celsius allows its users to take out loans instantly, without proof of income or credit checks, giving them the security of having cash on hand, without selling their digital assets.

“We know this announcement will allow thousands of new and existing Celsians to take advantage of better financial opportunities without giving up their crypto,” said Aliza Landes, vice president of loans at Celsius. “If you have $ 200 of crypto or more, you can now get a 1% APR Celsius loan and only pay $ 1 in total interest to borrow the funds you need.

CEO of Celsius Alex mashinsky added: “Celsius has grown its lending operations exponentially this year, and we have a lot more in store for the remainder of 2021.”

Eligible borrowers can apply for a loan directly through the Celsius mobile app. To learn more about Celsius loans, please visit: https://celsius.network/crypto-loans

Celsius services, including loans, may not be available in all jurisdictions. Check your Celsius mobile app to determine your eligibility. Additional limits may apply in some jurisdictions.

About Celsius
Celsius helps hundreds of thousands of consumers around the world find the path to financial independence through a compound return service and low cost instant loans accessible via web and mobile app. Founded on the belief that financial services should only do what is in the best interests of customers and the community, Celsius is a free blockchain-based platform where membership provides access to organized financial services that are not available through traditional financial institutions. For more information, please visit www.celsius.network.

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