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Browns fan who enlists athletes as “referrals” for work with team fails to get job

By on June 3, 2021 0


CLEVELAND (WJW) – The Browns fan who enlisted Cleveland sport legends as “references” to try and land a position with the team has an update on her job search.

Kevin Cedar, 26, announced last week that he had not been given the job.

“I didn’t get my dream job with the Browns, but kudos to everyone who supported me throughout this process! Cedar shared on Twitter.

He also has posted a screenshot from his rejection email, which read in part, “We’ve had a lot of good candidates for the job, including you. However, we have filled the position with someone whose background and references best meet our needs at this time. “

Cedar used a viral video to accompany his candidacy for a video editor job with the Browns.

He used a site called Cameo for his reference video. It is a video sharing website where you can pay for personalized celebrity videos.

Before receiving the rejection, Cedar told WJW he wasn’t sure the Browns saw his video, but believed he was the perfect fit, combining his love of video with his favorite team.

Cedar is a professional videographer with 10 years of experience. He worked for the Toledo Zoo and Aquarium and for an advertising agency in Nashville.

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