Brent Lacatos, Canadian Flag Bearer at the Closing Ceremony

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The Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) has selected a 41-year-old wheelchair runner. 800m T53 He finished again with a silver medal.

It is a great honor. There are big names in athletics, including Chantal Petitclerk, so it’s an honor to be one of these great athletes. , he suggested in a short video.

A sprint specialist, Lakatos embarked on his Japanese adventure. A surprising 2nd place last Saturday on the 5000m T54. Before the Games, keep in mind that a person with an excellent record does not record the shortest podium at a distance of more than 800 meters at the Paralympics or Worlds.

Brent Lacatos won silver in the 5,000 meters

Photo: Radio-Canada

The Dorval para-athlete continued his momentum with more silver medals in the T53 400m on Sunday and in the T53 100m on Wednesday. Lacotos also stopped for lunch at the 1500m T53 / 54 on Monday.

The lactose-rich harvest of the Japanese capital allowed him to solidify his position in Canadian Legends.

He now holds 11 Paralympic medals and is one of the representatives of the Maple Leaf that has lived through the decade. Eight athletes reached this important mark ahead of him. Swimmer Aurélie Reward also joined the selection group in Tokyo.

4th silver medal for Brent Lacatos

Photo: Getty Images / Tasos Catopodis

In fact, Lakatos will inherit the award after a parade with the Canadian flag at the Maracana Stadium in Rio as part of the closing ceremony of the 2016 Summer Games.

This is the fifth Paralympic Games for Lacatos after taking part in the Games in Athens, Beijing, London and Rio. After juggling the idea of ​​retirement in 2008, he won three podiums in England and then four podiums in Brazil.

The wheelchair runner will have another opportunity to demonstrate their versatility in para-athletics. For the first time in his career, on Saturday evening, he will be at the start of the Paralympic marathon of his sixth event in Tokyo.

More than 10 months before October 2020, just before the Summer Games, Lacatos won the prestigious honors of the London Marathon in front of the headlines of the discipline.

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