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Any professional athlete can now participate in the eSkootr championship

By on August 22, 2021 0

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Photo: ESkootr Championship

Have you been hungry for some good old school scooter racing? Specifically with electric scooters? So look no further than the ESkootr Championship, who is looking now all professional athlete to join his title hunt.

Basically it’s a two-wheeler racing series designed to organize exciting races between athletes on electric scooters. It’s not the bane of Bird or Lime bikes, but competition-friendly scooters that can go up to 60 mph. Honestly, it sounds pretty fun, and I would definitely give it a go. But it doesn’t look like a lot of other people are telling the time at the eSkootr Championship.

“You don’t have to be a racing driver, karter, or motorcyclist – we believe any athlete with a history in balance sports (skating, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, etc.) Rider program page. “But you will need the athleticism, skill and determination to choose to compete in our sport at a professional level.

The Championship also notes in a kind of Faq page that he might introduce non-professional riders in the future, but since the series hasn’t taken to the track yet, it doesn’t want to put anyone on a scooter that might ultimately prove to be a little dangerous.

TThe series has a sense of legitimacy provided to it given the number of big names involved. This is the idea of ​​Lucas di Grassi and Alex Wurz. The first is Formula E champion and has been on the podium several times at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The latter is a former driver who has worked closely with the FIA ​​for several years, notably as a race marshal at Formula 1 events.

However, not many people have bitten. Carlin and a company called Helbiz are the only two teams to make the series so far. Extreme scooter rider Dakota Schuetz has joined us as a rider ambassador. But it doesn’t seem like anyone else really cared about it.

Hopefully we can see these sweet little machines on the right track.

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