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Amrapali homebuyers, including Dhoni, demanded to settle outstanding dues within 15 days

By on September 11, 2021 0

More than 1,800 Amrapali home buyers in Noida, including former Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, have been invited by the Supreme Court-appointed receiver to fill in their details on his website and start settling their claims. respective contributions within 15 days.

According to people familiar with the development, this process was initiated following a directive from the superior court to the receiver, lead lawyer R. Venkataramani, to finalize the unsold inventory and sell it. According to a notice in a major newspaper, the flat-rate award will automatically be canceled if the acquirers do not register their name in the customer’s data and start making payments within 15 days of the notice.

According to the notice, Dhoni has reserved two apartments, C-P5 and C-P6, in Sapphire Phase-I, in sector 45 Noida, while Arun Pandey, chairman of Rhiti Sports Management who represents Dhoni, also has an apartment. , C- P4, in the same project.

Dhoni, in April 2016, had resigned from his post as ambassador for the Amrapali brand, which is no longer operational.

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“It is necessary to identify the applicants regarding the units, especially those who have not taken steps to fill in the client data on the court receiver’s website and are most likely of a ‘benami’ nature,” he said. said Kumar Mihir, homebuyers’ lawyer. .

Amrapali Stalled Projects Investment Reconstruction Establishment (ASPIRE), formed to complete unfinished projects in Noida and Greater Noida, issued the notice. According to the notice, all home buyers of these projects are required to register their data online with the escrow. The list includes homebuyers who have not paid any amount of their unpaid dues as per the trial court order in July 2019.

The list also includes homebuyers who have neither registered their names in customer data nor made any payments to UCO Bank, until July 17, 2021, as reported to the highest court. “Therefore, they should be treated as defaulters and their shares are likely to be canceled,” says the notice.

On August 13, the Supreme Court was informed that nearly 9,600 home buyers in various housing projects in Amrapali did not come forward to claim their apartments. A bench made up of judges UU Lalit and Ajay Rastogi authorized the plea of ​​the court-appointed receiver to treat these apartments as unsold, and if no one shows up to claim them, the next step should be their cancellation and auction. to raise funds for construction. of the remaining unfinished projects.

According to a note submitted by the receiver to the high court, “it appeared that 9,583 home buyers have not yet registered in the customer data kept by the escrow office, nor have they made any payments, at the following the court ruling in July 2019. ” The trial court had said it would order 15 days’ notice to be given to those homebuyers to update their listings and make payments.

Mihir said the exchange of units and the sale of unsold inventory depends on finalizing data regarding apartment buyers. “Now that the banks are also considering lending project finance to Amrapali projects, part of the unsold inventory will also be kept as collateral. All this can only be done after the finalization of the data concerning the inventory of unsold goods, which is now sought after. to be done through the advertisement in the newspapers, ”he added.

The state-owned NBCC has been asked to carry out more than 20 housing projects with an investment estimated at over Rs 8,000 crore under the supervision of a committee appointed by the court. The court-appointed Supreme Receiver has issued a notice to buyers of homes in Noida projects and soon a separate notice will be issued for buyers of projects in Greater Noida.

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