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Agency fools 500 nurses promising jobs in Dubai – the New Indian Express

By on May 25, 2021 0

Through Express press service

KOCHI: A salary of Rs 1 lakh, free food and accommodation, and appointments with major hospitals within a week of arriving in Dubai. Those were the promises made by Feroz Khan, 42, of Nettoor, who allegedly duped around 500 people after offering them nursing jobs in Dubai, police said. He was arrested on Sunday with his help, Sathar, 50, of Cherthala.

To gain confidence in the midst of the pandemic, he told aspirants that recruitment is being done from hospitals providing Covid treatment. Those who fell prey to the fraud only realized it when they found themselves stranded in Dubai without work or housing.

“They collected an advance of Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 3 lakh from each aspirant. Only nine complaints were received, but around 500 people lost money because of the fraud, ”said an officer. Feroz invested the money received in the sale of vehicles and bought luxury cars, police said. Although arrested earlier, he operated the fraud while on bail. “He started another company called Take Off in Kaloor and posted recruitment ads under the company banner,” said the manager.

His assistant in Dubai will also be arrested shortly, police said. The accused did not have a recruitment permit and planned to find jobs through other agencies, which withdrew from the agreements with him because they were never paid. This has led to job seekers being stranded in Dubai. An investigation is underway to recover the vehicles purchased by Feroz.

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